curtin - Library and tools for the curtin installer

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Distribution Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)
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Package filename curtin_19.1-7-g37a7a0f4-0ubuntu1~18.04.1_all.deb
Package name curtin
Package version 19.1
Package release 7-g37a7a0f4-0ubuntu1~18.04.1
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Maintainer Ubuntu Developers <>
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This package provides the curtin installer.
Curtin is an installer that is blunt, brief, snappish, snippety and


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curtin_19.3-26-g82f23e3d-0ubuntu1~18.04.1_all.deb 19.3 all Ubuntu Proposed Main
curtin_19.3-26-g82f23e3d-0ubuntu1~18.04.1_all.deb 19.3 all Ubuntu Proposed Main
curtin_19.1-7-g37a7a0f4-0ubuntu1~18.04.1_all.deb 19.1 all Ubuntu Updates Main
curtin_18.1-5-g572ae5d6-0ubuntu1_all.deb 18.1 all Ubuntu Main
curtin_18.1-5-g572ae5d6-0ubuntu1_all.deb 18.1 all Ubuntu Main
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python3-curtin = 19.1-7-g37a7a0f4-0ubuntu1~18.04.1
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Binary Package curtin_19.1-7-g37a7a0f4-0ubuntu1~18.04.1_all.deb
Source Package curtin

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install curtin deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install curtin




2019-06-05 - Ryan Harper <>
curtin (19.1-7-g37a7a0f4-0ubuntu1~18.04.1) bionic; urgency=medium
* d/control: drop probert dependency, not yet in main (LP: #1831757)
* New upstream snapshot. (LP: #1831772)
- vmtests: determine block name via dname when verifying volume groups
- vmtest: add Centos66/Centos70 FromBionic release and re-add tests
- block-discover: add cli/API for exporting existing storage to config
- vmtest: refactor test_network code for Eoan
- curthoooks: disable daemons while reconfiguring mdadm
[Michael Hudson-Doyle]
- mdadm: fix install to existing raid [Michael Hudson-Doyle]
- apt_proxy env var set but empty => do not setup any proxy
[Paride Legovini]
- release 19.1
- vmtest: add missing skip_by_date on Eoan test_network_mtu
- vmtest: remove skip_by_date on Disco Allindata test
- block: support multipath devices in lookup and partition_kname
- grub: add grub config to control os_prober,terminal settings in target
- vmtest: add eoan tests [Paride Legovini]
- vmtest: add dependency on python3-jsonschema [Paride Legovini]
- Pylint compatibility with Python 3.7 [Paride Legovini]
- vmtest: disable disco multipath test
- vmtests: bump network mtu tests out a bit
- Fix up yaml.load warnings
- vmtest: disable trusty, it's dead jim
- vmtest: reenable UEFI 4k tests, which got dropped when fixing
- vmtests: Add test_kernel_img_conf stub for PsuedoVMBaseClass
- curthooks: chzdev_import must encode data if provided
- vmtest: test for kernel-img conf on ubuntu only
- Setup kernel-img.conf like base-installer/live-installer did.
[Dimitri John Ledkov]
- zfs: pass pool and fs properties to zpool_create
[Jean-Baptiste Lallement]
- block_meta: pass lvm_partition size through human2bytes
[Michael Hudson-Doyle]
- clear-holders: refactor bcache shutdown and add longer timeout
- schema-validate-storage: remove unused imports [Paride Legovini]
- add subcommand schema for storage-config validation
- clear-holders: wipe raid members at data offsets when not assembled
- Add support for s390 DASD devices
- vmtest: skip DiscoTestAllindata while initrd lacks crypto modules
- block_meta: allow passing a dm_crypt key by keyfile
[Michael Hudson-Doyle]
- ChrootableTarget: add /run to mounts for redhat targets
- vmtest: consolidate vm mem config, defaults via release, env override

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