pv-grub-menu - Creates a menu.lst file for PV-GRUB

Property Value
Distribution Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)
Repository Ubuntu Universe i386
Package filename pv-grub-menu_1.3_all.deb
Package name pv-grub-menu
Package version 1.3
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Package architecture all
Package type deb
Category universe/admin
Homepage -
License -
Maintainer Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>
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PV-GRUB is a utility of the vitualisation platform Xen, to boot virtual
machines with their own kernel.  This package maintains a configuration file in
/boot/grub/menu.lst, that is read by PV-GRUB.  It does nothing else, which
means that it is not suitable for booting non-virtual systems.


Package Version Architecture Repository
pv-grub-menu_1.3_all.deb 1.3 all Ubuntu Universe
pv-grub-menu - - -


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grub-common -


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grub-legacy-ec2 -


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grub-legacy -
grub-legacy-ec2 -


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Mirror archive.ubuntu.com
Binary Package pv-grub-menu_1.3_all.deb
Source Package pv-grub-menu

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install pv-grub-menu deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install pv-grub-menu




2014-01-26 - Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org>
pv-grub-menu (1.3) unstable; urgency=medium
* Never assume the presence of a device.map file; create a temporary one.
[840ba0c] Closes: #732408.
* Removed code for various operations that are not needed in the context
of pv-grub-menu: RAID support [c9b7f86], transition to GRUB 2 [4a702dc],
alternative locations for menu.lst [d8aae34], relative paths [1a419be],
splash images [e4d1608].
2014-01-08 - Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org>
pv-grub-menu (1.2.1) unstable; urgency=high
* Removed useless call to grub that prevents setup (Closes: #732408).
* Added a debian/source/format file.
* Standards-Version: is now 3.9.5.
2013-09-11 - Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org>
pv-grub-menu (1.2) unstable; urgency=low
* Initial released prepared from update-grub (0.97-66) (Closes: #672104).

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