prometheus-alertmanager - Handle and deliver alerts created by Prometheus

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Distribution Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)
Repository Ubuntu Universe i386
Package filename prometheus-alertmanager_0.6.2+ds-3_i386.deb
Package name prometheus-alertmanager
Package version 0.6.2+ds
Package release 3
Package architecture i386
Package type deb
Category universe/net
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Maintainer Ubuntu Developers <>
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The Alertmanager handles alerts sent by client applications such as the
Prometheus server. It takes care of deduplicating, grouping, and routing them
to the correct receiver integration such as email, PagerDuty, or OpsGenie. It
also takes care of silencing and inhibition of alerts.


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prometheus-alertmanager_0.6.2+ds-3_amd64.deb 0.6.2+ds amd64 Ubuntu Universe
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libc6 >= 2.3.6-6~
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libjs-d3 -
libjs-jquery -
libjs-moment -


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Binary Package prometheus-alertmanager_0.6.2+ds-3_i386.deb
Source Package prometheus-alertmanager

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install prometheus-alertmanager deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install prometheus-alertmanager




2018-02-10 - Michael Stapelberg <>
prometheus-alertmanager (0.6.2+ds-3) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Martín Ferrari ]
* Team upload.
* debian/control: Update Standards-Version (no changes).
* Automatic fixes to control and copyright from cme.
* Replace dpkg-parsechangelog with /usr/share/dpkg/
* debian/control: Update package name for client-golang.
[ Michael Stapelberg ]
* gbp.conf: set debian-branch
2017-08-19 - Martín Ferrari <>
prometheus-alertmanager (0.6.2+ds-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* Fix compilation on gccgo/mips*.
2017-08-16 - Martín Ferrari <>
prometheus-alertmanager (0.6.2+ds-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream release. Closes: 871330, 862007..
* Fix installation path for source files.
* Refresh patches.
* Add gbp.conf.
* debian/copyright: Document new vendored dependency.
* debian/control:
- Update Standards-Version (no changes).
- Fix Vcs-* fields.
- Mark package as autopkgtest-able.
- Require latest version of the common library.
- Add new dependencies.
* debian/default: Update options.
* Fix /var/lib permissions.
2017-01-16 - Martín Ferrari <>
prometheus-alertmanager (0.5.1+ds-7) unstable; urgency=medium
* Increase timing margins even more, hopefully upstream will find a better
solution soon.
Also ensure the test alertmanager used for acceptance tests is ready (by
connecting to its http server) before trying to use it. Closes: 851372.
* Don't abort if acceptance tests fail, as they are too sensitive to
timing issues.
2017-01-14 - Martín Ferrari <>
prometheus-alertmanager (0.5.1+ds-6) unstable; urgency=medium
* Increase timing margings for flaky tests, as this is currently preventing
mips from building properly.
2017-01-08 - Martín Ferrari <>
prometheus-alertmanager (0.5.1+ds-5) unstable; urgency=medium
* Fix name of minified angular-moment library. Fixes bug reported in GitHub:
2016-12-25 - Martín Ferrari <>
prometheus-alertmanager (0.5.1+ds-4) unstable; urgency=medium
* Provide golang-github-prometheus-alertmanager-dev. Closes: #837756.
2016-12-13 - Martín Ferrari <>
prometheus-alertmanager (0.5.1+ds-3) unstable; urgency=medium
* Disable more flaky tests.
2016-12-12 - Martín Ferrari <>
prometheus-alertmanager (0.5.1+ds-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* Gccgo can't handle vendoring currently, so process it manually.
2016-12-02 - Martín Ferrari <>
prometheus-alertmanager (0.5.1+ds-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream version.
* Refresh patches.
* Update dependencies.
* New patch to fix API change in prometheus/master, backported from
upstream master.
* Disable another flaky test.

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