ppa-purge - disables a PPA and reverts to official packages

Property Value
Distribution Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)
Repository Ubuntu Universe i386
Package filename ppa-purge_0.2.8+bzr63_all.deb
Package name ppa-purge
Package version 0.2.8+bzr63
Package release -
Package architecture all
Package type deb
Category universe/utils
Homepage https://launchpad.net/ppa-purge
License -
Maintainer Lorenzo De Liso <blackz@ubuntu.com>
Download size 6.16 KB
Installed size 24.00 KB
This program disables a PPA from your Software Sources and reverts your
system back to the official Ubuntu packages. You can use this to return your
system to normal after testing a new version from a PPA.


Package Version Architecture Repository
ppa-purge_0.2.8+bzr63_all.deb 0.2.8+bzr63 all Ubuntu Universe
ppa-purge - - -


Name Value
dpkg >= 1.16.1


Type URL
Mirror archive.ubuntu.com
Binary Package ppa-purge_0.2.8+bzr63_all.deb
Source Package ppa-purge

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install ppa-purge deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install ppa-purge




2012-11-30 - Tim Lunn <tim@feathertop.org>
ppa-purge (0.2.8+bzr63) xenial; urgency=low
* Add bash autocompletion and tweak options slightly. (LP: #1064205)
* Specify removal of packages that don't exist in Ubuntu (LP: #706774) 
* Add some logic to handle packages that have had a soname bump, packages with
manual renames will still break, however these should be pretty rare. (LP: #1392954)
* Add Vcs-fields, Thanks Dominique Lasserre
2012-11-30 - Lorenzo De Liso <blackz@ubuntu.com>
ppa-purge (0.2.8+bzr57) raring; urgency=low
[ Tim Lunn ]
* Generate a multiarch aware package revert list (LP: #892886)
[ Lorenzo De Liso ]
* Bumped Standard-Versions to 3.9.3, no additional changes required 
2010-11-10 - Lorenzo De Liso <blackz@ubuntu.com>
ppa-purge (0.2.8+bzr56) natty; urgency=low
* Really implement the "-y" option.
2010-11-09 - Lorenzo De Liso <blackz@ubuntu.com>
ppa-purge (0.2.8+bzr55) natty; urgency=low
[ chocolateboy ]
* Use "for LIST in" instead of repeating this one
* Execute readlink with the "-f" option for the symlink support
[ Alin Andrei ]
* Implement the "-y" option so any further input is required from the user
2010-10-15 - Lorenzo De Liso <blackz@ubuntu.com>
ppa-purge (0.2.8+bzr54) natty; urgency=low
[ Eugene San (eugenesan) ]
* Added reverse order of apt tool usage and support for symlinked
* Added additional apt update on start.
[ Lorenzo De Liso ]
* Bumped Standard-Versions to 3.9.1, no additional changes required
* Removed the versions history
2010-10-08 - Lorenzo De Liso <blackz@ubuntu.com>
ppa-purge ( maverick; urgency=low
* Really add "aptitude" to the dependencies and not to the
2010-10-07 - Lorenzo De Liso <blackz@ubuntu.com>
ppa-purge ( maverick; urgency=low
* FFe: LP: #655929
[ Eugene San (eugenesan) ]
* Fixed manpage and help screen.
* Fixed default values of variables.
[ Lorenzo De Liso ]
* Fixed the shebang
* Added "aptitude" to the dependencies (LP: #641142) 
2010-08-03 - Lorenzo De Liso <blackz@ubuntu.com>
ppa-purge (0.2.7+bzr51.1) maverick; urgency=low
[ Robert Hooker ]
* Add option to force the distribution name so it can work on
ubuntu derivatives. (LP: #610376)
* Correctly exit when not invoked with sudo.
[ Lorenzo De Liso ]
* Substituted my old e-mail address in the manpage with my
new one
* Changed Tormod Volden's e-mail address in debian/copyright
(upstream authors) as per his request
2010-07-23 - Lorenzo De Liso <blackz@ubuntu.com>
ppa-purge (0+bzr46.1) maverick; urgency=low
* Initial Ubuntu release (LP: #521449)

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