Ubuntu Universe i386

Package Description
texlive-lang-other_2017.20180305-1_all.deb TeX Live: Other languages
texlive-lang-polish_2017.20180305-1_all.deb TeX Live: Polish
texlive-lang-portuguese_2017.20180305-1_all.deb TeX Live: Portuguese
texlive-lang-spanish_2017.20180305-1_all.deb TeX Live: Spanish
texlive-latex-extra-doc_2017.20180305-2_all.deb TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-latex-extra
texlive-latex-extra_2017.20180305-2_all.deb TeX Live: LaTeX additional packages
texlive-luatex_2017.20180305-1_all.deb TeX Live: LuaTeX packages
texlive-metapost_2017.20180305-1_all.deb TeX Live: MetaPost and Metafont packages
texlive-music_2017.20180305-2_all.deb TeX Live: Music packages
texlive-omega_2017.20180305-1_all.deb TeX Live: transitional dummy package
texlive-pictures_2017.20180305-1_all.deb TeX Live: Graphics, pictures, diagrams
texlive-plain-extra_2017.20180305-1_all.deb TeX Live: transitional dummy package
texlive-plain-generic_2017.20180305-2_all.deb TeX Live: Plain (La)TeX packages
texlive-pstricks-doc_2017.20180305-2_all.deb TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-pstricks
texlive-pstricks_2017.20180305-2_all.deb TeX Live: PSTricks
texlive-publishers-doc_2017.20180305-2_all.deb TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-publishers
texlive-publishers_2017.20180305-2_all.deb TeX Live: Publisher styles, theses, etc
texlive-science-doc_2017.20180305-2_all.deb TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-science
texlive-science_2017.20180305-2_all.deb TeX Live: Mathematics, natural sciences, computer science packages
texlive-xetex_2017.20180305-1_all.deb TeX Live: XeTeX and packages
texlive_2017.20180305-1_all.deb TeX Live: A decent selection of the TeX Live packages
texmaker-data_5.0.2-1build2_all.deb Texmaker LaTeX editor -- arch-independent files
texmaker_5.0.2-1build2_i386.deb cross-platform LaTeX editor
texstudio-doc_2.12.6+debian-2_all.deb LaTeX Editor (doc)
texstudio-l10n_2.12.6+debian-2_all.deb LaTeX Editor (localization)
texstudio_2.12.6+debian-2_i386.deb LaTeX Editor
textdraw_0.2+ds-0+nmu1build2_i386.deb Tool to draw/modify/move geometric figures & text for ASCII art
textedit.app_5.0-2_i386.deb Text editor for GNUstep
textql_2.0.3-2_i386.deb execute SQL against structured text like CSV or TSV
texvc_3.0.0+git20160613-1_i386.deb validates and converts LaTeX expressions into HTML, MathML or PNG
texworks-help-en_20150506-2_all.deb English help files for TeXworks
texworks-help-fr_20150506-2_all.deb French help files for TeXworks
texworks-scripting-lua_0.6.2-2_i386.deb Plugin to bring Lua scripting to TeXworks
texworks-scripting-python_0.6.2-2_i386.deb Plugin to bring Python scripting to TeXworks
texworks_0.6.2-2_i386.deb Environment for authoring TeX (LaTeX, ConTeXt, etc) documents
tf-tools_1.11.9-3_i386.deb Set of utilities to operate with the Robot OS tf lib
tf2-tools_0.5.16-4_i386.deb Robot OS tool for tf2 transform library second generation
tf5_5.0beta8-6_i386.deb text-based MU* and chatserver client
tf_4.0s1-20_i386.deb Tinyfugue MUD client for TinyMUDs, DikuMUDs, and LPMUDs
tfdocgen_1.0-1build1_i386.deb TiLP framework documentation generator
tftp_0.17-18ubuntu3_i386.deb Trivial file transfer protocol client
tftpd_0.17-18ubuntu3_i386.deb Trivial file transfer protocol server
tgif_4.2.5-1.3build1_i386.deb 2D vector graphic drawing tool using Xlib
tgt-rbd_1.0.72-1ubuntu1_i386.deb Linux SCSI target user-space daemon and tools - RBD support
thc-ipv6_3.2+dfsg1-1build1_i386.deb The Hacker Choice's IPv6 Attack Toolkit
the-doc_3.3~rc1-3_all.deb Reference Manual for The Hessling Editor
the_3.3~rc1-3_i386.deb Full-screen character mode text editor
theano-doc_0.9.0+dfsg-2_all.deb CPU/GPU math expression compiler for Python (docs)
thefuck_3.11-2_all.deb spelling corrector of console commands
themole_0.3-1_all.deb automatic SQL injection exploitation tool
themonospot_0.7.3.1-7_all.deb application to scan video files
theorur_0.5.5-0ubuntu3_i386.deb simple tool for Ogg/Theora streaming written in GTK+2
thepeg-gui_1.8.0-3build1_all.deb Java GUI of ThePEG
thepeg-reference_1.8.0-3build1_all.deb Code reference of ThePEG
thepeg_1.8.0-3build1_i386.deb Toolkit for High Energy Physics Event Generation
therion-doc_5.4.1ds1-2_all.deb Documentation for Therion Cave surveying software
therion-viewer_5.4.1ds1-2_i386.deb Cave surveying - 3D viewer for therion models
therion_5.4.1ds1-2_i386.deb Cave surveying - 2D and 3D drawing software
theseus-examples_3.3.0-6_all.deb superimpose macromolecules using maximum likelihood (examples)
theseus_3.3.0-6_i386.deb superimpose macromolecules using maximum likelihood
thin-client-config-agent_0.8_all.deb Retrieve the list of remote desktop servers for a user
thin-provisioning-tools_0.7.4-2ubuntu3_i386.deb Tools for handling thinly provisioned device-mapper meta-data
thin_1.6.3-2build6_i386.deb fast and very simple Ruby web server
thinkfan_0.9.3-2_i386.deb simple and lightweight fan control program
thonny_2.1.16-3_all.deb Python IDE for beginners
threadscope_0.2.9-2_i386.deb graphical thread profiler for Haskell programs
thrift-compiler_0.9.1-2.1_i386.deb code generator/compiler for Thrift definitions
thuban-doc_1.2.2-12build3_all.deb Interactive geographic data viewer - documentation
thuban_1.2.2-12build3_i386.deb Interactive geographic data viewer
thunar-archive-plugin_0.3.1-4_i386.deb Archive plugin for Thunar file manager
thunar-data_1.6.15-0ubuntu1_all.deb Provides thunar documentation, icons and translations
thunar-dropbox-plugin_0.2.1+dfsg1-4_i386.deb context-menu items from dropbox for Thunar
thunar-gtkhash_1.1.1-2_i386.deb thunar extension for computing checksums and more using gtkhash
thunar-media-tags-plugin_0.2.1-1_i386.deb Media tags plugin for Thunar file manager
thunar-vcs-plugin_0.1.4-2build1_i386.deb VCS plugin for Thunar file manager
thunar-volman_0.8.1-2_i386.deb Thunar extension for volumes management
thunar_1.6.15-0ubuntu1_i386.deb File Manager for Xfce
thunderbird-globalmenu_52.7.0+build1-0ubuntu1_i386.deb Email, RSS and newsgroup client (transitional package)
thunderbird-mozsymbols_52.7.0+build1-0ubuntu1_i386.deb Email, RSS and newsgroup client - Breakpad symbols
thunderbird-testsuite_52.7.0+build1-0ubuntu1_i386.deb Email, RSS and newsgroup client - testsuite
thunderbolt-tools_0.9.3-3_i386.deb Intel Thunderbolt userspace components
tiarra-conf-el_20100212+r39209-4_all.deb edit mode for tiarra.conf
tiarra_20100212+r39209-4_all.deb IRC proxy, stationing, logger and bot program (pirc)
ticgit_1.0.2.17-2build1_all.deb ticketing system built on Git
ticgitweb_1.0.2.17-2build1_all.deb web interface to ticgit
ticker_1.11_i386.deb configurable text scroller
tickr_0.6.4-1build1_i386.deb GTK-based highly graphically-customizable Feed Ticker
tictactoe-ng_0.3.2.1-1.1_all.deb fun, simple, tic tac toe game
tidy-proxy_0.97-4_all.deb small http proxy which tidies html
tidy_5.2.0-2_i386.deb HTML/XML syntax checker and reformatter
tiemu-skinedit_1.27-2build1_i386.deb skin editor for TiEmu
tig_2.3.0-1_i386.deb ncurses-based text-mode interface for Git
tiger-otheros_3.2.4~rc1-1_i386.deb Scripts to run Tiger in other operating systems
tiger_3.2.4~rc1-1_i386.deb Report system security vulnerabilities
tigervnc-common_1.7.0+dfsg-8ubuntu2_i386.deb Virtual network computing; Common software needed by servers
tigervnc-scraping-server_1.7.0+dfsg-8ubuntu2_i386.deb Virtual network computing server performing X screen scraping
tigervnc-standalone-server_1.7.0+dfsg-8ubuntu2_i386.deb Standalone virtual network computing server
tigervnc-viewer_1.7.0+dfsg-8ubuntu2_i386.deb Virtual network computing client for X
tigervnc-xorg-extension_1.7.0+dfsg-8ubuntu2_i386.deb Virtual network computing X server extension
tightvncserver_1.3.10-0ubuntu4_i386.deb virtual network computing server software
tigr-glimmer_3.02b-1_i386.deb Gene detection in archea and bacteria
tikzit_1.0+ds-2_i386.deb visual PGF/TikZ graph editor
tilda_1.4.1-2_i386.deb GTK+ based drop down terminal for Linux and Unix
tilde_0.4.0-1build1_i386.deb Intuitive text editor for the terminal
tilecache_2.11+ds-3_all.deb Web map tile caching system
tiled_1.0.3-1_i386.deb general purpose tile map editor
tilem-data_2.0-2build1_all.deb GTK+ TI Z80 calculator emulator (data files)
tilem_2.0-2build1_i386.deb GTK+ TI Z80 calculator emulator
tilestache_1.51.5-1_all.deb map tiles caching system
tilix-common_1.7.7-1ubuntu2_all.deb Tiling terminal emulator - data files
tilix_1.7.7-1ubuntu2_i386.deb Tiling terminal emulator for GNOME
tilp2_1.17-3_i386.deb Texas Instruments hand-helds <-> PC communication program for X
timbl_6.4.8-1_i386.deb Tilburg Memory Based Learner
timblserver_1.11-1_i386.deb Server extensions for Timbl
timelimit_1.8.2-1_i386.deb simple utility to limit a process's absolute execution time
timemachine_0.3.3-2.1_i386.deb JACK audio recorder for spontaneous and conservatory use
timemon.app_4.2-1build2_i386.deb CPU time usage monitor for GNUstep
timewarrior_1.0.0+ds.1-3_i386.deb feature-rich time tracking utility
timgm6mb-soundfont_1.3-2_all.deb TimGM6mb SoundFont from MuseScore 1.3
timidity-daemon_2.13.2-41_all.deb runs TiMidity++ as a system-wide MIDI sequencer
timidity-el_2.13.2-41_all.deb Emacs front end to Timidity++
timidity-interfaces-extra_2.13.2-41_i386.deb TiMidity++ extra user interfaces
timidity_2.13.2-41_i386.deb Software sound renderer (MIDI sequencer, MOD player)
tin_2.4.1-1build2_i386.deb Full-screen easy to use Usenet newsreader
tina_0.1.12-1_i386.deb text-based personal information manager
tinc_1.0.33-1build1_i386.deb Virtual Private Network daemon
tint2_16.2-1_i386.deb lightweight taskbar
tint_0.04+nmu1build2_i386.deb TINT Is Not Tetris(tm) ...at least the name isn't
tintii_2.10.0-1_i386.deb photo filter for easy color effects
tintin++_2.01.1-1build2_i386.deb classic text-based MUD client
tiny-initramfs-core_0.1-5_i386.deb Minimalistic initramfs implementation (core tools)
tiny-initramfs_0.1-5_all.deb Minimalistic initramfs implementation (automation)
tinyca_0.7.5-6_all.deb simple graphical program for certification authority management
tinydyndns_0.4.2.debian1-1build1_i386.deb pop-before-dyndns service using djbdns
tinyeartrainer_0.1.0-4fakesync1_i386.deb A tool to learn recognizing musical intervals
tinyhoneypot_0.4.6-10_all.deb Small honeypot to trap attackers
tinyirc_1.1.dfsg.1-3build1_i386.deb tiny IRC client
tinymce_3.4.8+dfsg0-2_all.deb platform independent web based Javascript/HTML WYSIWYG editor
tinymux_2.10.1.14-1_i386.deb text-based multi-user virtual world server
tinyos-source_2.1.2+dfsg-1_all.deb operating system for sensor motes and embedded devices
tinyos-tools_1.4.2-3build1_i386.deb development tools for TinyOS
tinyproxy-bin_1.8.4-5_i386.deb Lightweight, non-caching, optionally anonymizing HTTP proxy (executable only)
tinyproxy_1.8.4-5_all.deb Lightweight, non-caching, optionally anonymizing HTTP proxy
tinyscheme_1.41.svn.2016.03.21-1_i386.deb Very small scheme implementation
tinysshd_20180201-1_i386.deb Tiny SSH server - daemon
tinywm_1.3-9build1_i386.deb tiny window manager
tio_1.29-1_i386.deb simple TTY terminal I/O application
tipa-doc_1.3-20_all.deb documentation for the TIPA LaTeX font
tipa_1.3-20_all.deb system for processing phonetic symbols in LaTeX
tipp10_2.1.0-2_i386.deb free open source touch typing software
tiptop_2.3.1-2_i386.deb performance monitoring tool for Linux
tircd_0.30-4_all.deb ircd proxy to the twitter API
titanion-data_0.3.dfsg1-7_all.deb strike down super high-velocity swooping insects - game data
titanion_0.3.dfsg1-7_i386.deb strike down super high-velocity swooping insects
tix-dev_8.4.3-10_i386.deb library for Tk -- development package
tix_8.4.3-10_i386.deb library for Tk -- runtime package
tj3_3.6.0-4_all.deb project management software, aka TaskJuggler
tk-brief_5.10-0.1ubuntu1_all.deb GUI for easily writing letters with LaTeX
tk-dev_8.6.0+9_i386.deb Toolkit for Tcl and X11 (default version) - development files
tk-doc_8.6.0+9_all.deb Toolkit for Tcl and X11 (default version) - manual pages
tk-fsdialog_1.15+20140601-1_all.deb file selection dialog for Ttk
tk-html1_1.04-2_i386.deb Tk HTML widget
tk-html3_3.0~fossil20110109-6_i386.deb Render HTML and CSS content with Tk
tk-mpeg_1.0.5-1_i386.deb Tk MPEG1 encoder based on ezMPEG
tk-table_2.10-3_i386.deb Table extension for Tcl/Tk
tk-tktray_1.3.9-3_i386.deb Freedesktop system tray icon support for Tcl/Tk on X11
tk2_1.1-10_all.deb Tk GUI for the ICOM IC-R2 receiver
tk5_0.6-6.2_all.deb Experimental Software for the ICOM IC-R5 Receiver
tk707_0.8-2_i386.deb drum sequencer for a sound card or MIDI device
tk8.5-dev_8.5.19-3_i386.deb Tk toolkit for Tcl and X11, v8.5 - development files
tk8.5-doc_8.5.19-3_all.deb Tk toolkit for Tcl and X11, v8.5 - manual pages
tk8.5_8.5.19-3_i386.deb Tk toolkit for Tcl and X11, v8.5 - windowing shell
tk_8.6.0+9_i386.deb Toolkit for Tcl and X11 (default version) - windowing shell
tkabber-plugins_1.1-1_all.deb standard plugins for Tkabber, an XMPP (Jabber) client
tkabber_1.1-1_all.deb GUI client for XMPP (Jabber) instant messaging protocol
tkblt-dev_3.2.7-1_i386.deb Graphics extension library for Tcl/Tk (development files)
tkblt_3.2.7-1_i386.deb Graphics extension library for Tcl/Tk
tkcon_2.7~20151021-2_all.deb Enhanced interactive console for developing in Tcl
tkcvs_8.2.3-1.1_all.deb Graphical front-end to CVS and Subversion
tkdesk_2.0-10_i386.deb Tk/tcl based X11 Desktop/File manager
tkdnd_2.6-1ubuntu1_i386.deb adds native drag & drop capabilities to the Tk toolkit
tkgate-data_2.0~b10-6_all.deb Tcl/Tk based digital circuit editor and simulator - data files
tkgate-doc_2.0~b10-6_all.deb Tcl/Tk based digital circuit editor and simulator - documentation
tkgate_2.0~b10-6_i386.deb Tcl/Tk based digital circuit editor and simulator
tkinfo_2.11-2_all.deb Tcl/Tk Info browser
tkinspect_5.1.6p10-5_all.deb Tk application inspector for developing in Tcl
tklib_0.6-3_all.deb standard Tk Library
tkmib_5.7.3+dfsg-1.8ubuntu3_all.deb SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) MIB browser
tkpng_0.9-1ubuntu2_i386.deb PNG photo image support to Tcl/Tk
tkremind_03.01.15-1build1_i386.deb Tk GUI interface to remind
tksao_7.5+repack1-2_i386.deb Tk widgets for astronomical imaging and data visualization
tktreectrl_2.2.8-1ubuntu1_i386.deb flexible listbox widget for Tcl/Tk
tla-doc_1.3.5+dfsg1-2build1_all.deb GNU Arch revision control system (documentation)
tla_1.3.5+dfsg1-2build1_i386.deb GNU Arch revision control system
tldextract_2.2.0-1_all.deb Python tool for separating TLDs
tldr-py_0.7.0-2_all.deb Python client for tldr: simplified and community-driven man pages
tldr_0.2.3-3_i386.deb Haskell tldr client
tlf_1.3.0-2_i386.deb console based ham radio contest logger
tlp-rdw_1.1-2_all.deb Radio device wizard
tlp_1.1-2_all.deb Save battery power on laptops
tlsh-tools_3.4.4+20151206-1build3_i386.deb compare similar files using fuzzy hashing
tm-align_20170708+dfsg-1_i386.deb structural alignment of proteins
tmate_2.2.1-1build1_i386.deb terminal multiplexer with instant terminal sharing
tmexpand_0.1.2.0-4_all.deb text-macro processing script to create HTML and SGML documents
tmfs_3-2build8_i386.deb Apple Time Machine FUSE mount
tmperamental_1.0_i386.deb LD_PRELOADable library to detect rouge writes to /tmp/
tmpl_0.0~git20160209.0.8e77bc5-4_i386.deb Command line interface to Go's text/template library - CLI utility
tmpreaper_1.6.13+nmu1build1_i386.deb cleans up files in directories based on their age
tmux-plugin-manager_3.0.0-1_all.deb tmux plugin manager based on git
tmuxinator_0.9.0-2_all.deb Create and manage tmux sessions easily
tmuxp_1.3.5-2_all.deb tmux session manager
tnat64_0.05-1build1_i386.deb IPv4 to NAT64 redirector
tnef_1.4.12-1.2_i386.deb Tool to unpack MIME application/ms-tnef attachments
tnftp_20130505-3build2_i386.deb enhanced ftp client
tnseq-transit_2.1.1-1_i386.deb statistical calculations of essentiality of genes or genomic regions
tntdb-mysql4v5_1.3-4_i386.deb MySQL backend for tntdb database access library
tntdb-postgresql4v5_1.3-4_i386.deb PostgreSQL backend for tntdb database access library
tntdb-sqlite4v5_1.3-4_i386.deb SQLite backend for tntdb database access library
tntnet-demos_2.2.1-3build1_i386.deb demo web applications for Tntnet
tntnet-doc_2.2.1-3build1_all.deb documentation for Tntnet
tntnet-runtime_2.2.1-3build1_i386.deb Tntnet runtime system
tntnet_2.2.1-3build1_i386.deb modular, multithreaded web application server for C++
todoman_3.3.0-1_i386.deb Simple CalDAV-based todo manager
todotxt-cli_2.10-5_all.deb simple and extensible shell script for managing todo.txt file
tofrodos_1.7.13+ds-3_i386.deb Converts DOS <-> Unix text files, alias tofromdos
toga2_3.0.0.1SE1-2_i386.deb computer chess engine, calculates chess moves
togl-demos_2.0-1_all.deb Tk OpenGL widget - demo files
toilet-fonts_0.3-1.1_all.deb collection of TOIlet fonts
toilet_0.3-1.1_i386.deb display large colourful characters in text mode
tokyocabinet-bin_1.4.48-11_i386.deb Tokyo Cabinet Database Utilities
tokyotyrant-doc_1.1.40-4.2build1_all.deb Tokyo Tyrant documentation
tokyotyrant-utils_1.1.40-4.2build1_i386.deb Tokyo Tyrant utilities
tokyotyrant_1.1.40-4.2build1_i386.deb Tokyo Tyrant: network interface to Tokyo Cabinet
tomatoes-data_1.55-7_all.deb I Have No Tomatoes - tomato smashing game - music files
tomatoes_1.55-7_i386.deb I Have No Tomatoes - tomato smashing game
tomb_2.5+dfsg1-1_all.deb crypto undertaker
tomboy-blogposter_0.4.3-0ubuntu5_all.deb Tomboy add-in for posting notes to a blog
tomboy-latex_0.5-5_all.deb LaTeX plugin for Tomboy
tomboy_1.15.9-0ubuntu1_i386.deb desktop note taking program using Wiki style links
tomcat8-admin_8.5.30-1ubuntu1_all.deb Apache Tomcat 8 - Servlet and JSP engine -- admin web applications
tomcat8-common_8.5.30-1ubuntu1_all.deb Apache Tomcat 8 - Servlet and JSP engine -- common files
tomcat8-docs_8.5.30-1ubuntu1_all.deb Apache Tomcat 8 - Servlet and JSP engine -- documentation
tomcat8-examples_8.5.30-1ubuntu1_all.deb Apache Tomcat 8 - Servlet and JSP engine -- example web applications
tomcat8-user_8.5.30-1ubuntu1_all.deb Apache Tomcat 8 - Servlet and JSP engine -- tools to create user instances
tomcat8_8.5.30-1ubuntu1_all.deb Apache Tomcat 8 - Servlet and JSP engine
tomoyo-tools_2.5.0-20170102-3_i386.deb lightweight Linux Mandatory Access Control system
topal_77-1_i386.deb Links Pine and GnuPG together
topcat-doc_4.5.1-2_all.deb Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables (documentation)
topcat_4.5.1-2_all.deb Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables
topgit_0.8-1.2_all.deb a Git patch queue manager