xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-390 - NVIDIA binary Xorg driver

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Distribution Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)
Repository Ubuntu Restricted amd64
Package name xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-390
Package version 390.48
Package release 0ubuntu3
Package architecture amd64
Package type deb
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Official Mirror archive.ubuntu.com
The NVIDIA binary driver provides optimized hardware acceleration of
OpenGL/GLX/EGL/GLES applications via a direct-rendering X Server
for graphics cards using NVIDIA chip sets.
See /usr/share/doc/nvidia-driver-390/README.txt.gz
for a complete list of supported GPUs and PCI IDs.


Package Version Architecture Repository
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-390_390.77-0ubuntu0.18.04.1_amd64.deb 390.77 amd64 Ubuntu Updates Restricted
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-390_390.77-0ubuntu0.18.04.1_i386.deb 390.77 i386 Ubuntu Updates Restricted
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-390_390.48-0ubuntu3_i386.deb 390.48 i386 Ubuntu Restricted
xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-390 - - -


Name Value
libc6 >= 2.2.5
libnvidia-cfg1-390 = 390.48-0ubuntu3
xorg-video-abi-10 -
xorg-video-abi-11 -
xorg-video-abi-12 -
xorg-video-abi-13 -
xorg-video-abi-14 -
xorg-video-abi-15 -
xorg-video-abi-18 -
xorg-video-abi-19 -
xorg-video-abi-20 -
xorg-video-abi-23 -
xorg-video-abi-6.0 -
xorg-video-abi-8 -
xserver-xorg-core >= 2:1.19.6-1ubuntu2~


Name Value
nvidia-driver-binary -
xorg-driver-binary -
xorg-driver-video -


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Binary Package xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-390_390.48-0ubuntu3_amd64.deb
Source Package nvidia-graphics-drivers-390

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-390 deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-390




2018-04-18 - Alberto Milone <alberto.milone@canonical.com>
nvidia-graphics-drivers-390 (390.48-0ubuntu3) bionic; urgency=medium
* debian/rules, debian/templates/control.in,
- Fix kernel detection. We were passing an entire list of kernels
but we really needed only the current kernel.
- Split the scripts, udev rules, and blacklist file into the
nvidia-kernel-common package. The nvidia-dkms package only
includes DKMS related files now.
- Rename nvidia-compute and nvidia-compute-no-dkms to
nvidia-headless and nvidia-headless-no-dkms.
- Drop the i386 dependencies from the main libraries on amd64, and
add them to the main metapackage instead.
- Recommend nvidia-prime (>=0.8).
2018-04-12 - Alberto Milone <alberto.milone@canonical.com>
nvidia-graphics-drivers-390 (390.48-0ubuntu2) bionic; urgency=medium
[ Alberto Milone ]
* debian/templates/10-nvidia.conf.in,
- Rename xorg.conf.d file.
- Drop the PrimaryGpu option from the xorg.conf.d file, as it
has a bad interaction with systems with multiple NVIDIA GPUs
(LP: #1756226).
[ Graham Inggs ]
* debian/templates/control.in:
- Make sure that libnvidia-compute does not conflict with or
replace opencl-icd, so that other OpenCL ICDs can be installed
at the same time.
2018-04-04 - Alberto Milone <alberto.milone@canonical.com>
nvidia-graphics-drivers-390 (390.48-0ubuntu1) bionic; urgency=medium
* New upstream release:
- Updated the driver to prevent G-SYNC from being enabled when a
Quadro Sync board is installed. G-SYNC and Quadro Sync were
always mutually incompatible features, and this change makes it
easier to use G-SYNC capable monitors on Quadro Sync
configurations, as it is now no longer necessary to manually
disable G-SYNC.
- Further improved the fix for occasional flicker when using the
X driver's composition pipeline.  This was mostly fixed in
390.42, but now the fix should be more complete.
- Improved compatibility with recent Linux kernels.
- Fixed a string concatenation bug that caused libGL to
accidentally try to create the directory "$HOME.nv" rather than
"$HOME/.nv" in some cases where /tmp isn't accessible.
- Increased the version numbers of the GLVND libGL, libGLESv1_CM,
libGLESv2, and libEGL libraries, to prevent concurrently
installed non-GLVND libraries from taking precedence in the
dynamic linker cache.
- Fixed a bug which could cause X servers that export a Video
Driver ABI earlier than 0.8 to crash when running X11
applications which call XRenderAddTraps().
* debian/templates/dkms_nvidia.conf.in:
- Drop buildfix_kernel_4.15.patch.
* debian/templates/nvidia-dkms-flavour.postinst.in:
- Add missing KERNELS variable. This fixes the following error:
"dpkg: error: version '-' has bad syntax: revision number is empty".