hyphen-en-ca - English (Canada) hyphenation patterns

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Distribution Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark)
Repository Ubuntu Main amd64
Package name hyphen-en-ca
Package version 0.10
Package architecture all
Package type deb
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Official Mirror archive.ubuntu.com
This package contains the English (Canada) hyphenation patterns.


Package Version Architecture Repository
hyphen-en-ca_0.10_all.deb 0.10 all Ubuntu Main
hyphen-en-ca - - -


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dictionaries-common -


Name Value
openoffice.org-hyphenation << 0.10~


Type URL
Binary Package hyphen-en-ca_0.10_all.deb
Source Package openoffice.org-hyphenation

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install hyphen-en-ca deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install hyphen-en-ca




2016-05-06 - Gunnar Hjalmarsson <gunnarhj@ubuntu.com>
openoffice.org-hyphenation (0.10) yakkety; urgency=medium
* Re-packaging: (LP: #1578880)
- New binaries:
- hyphen-en-ca
- hyphen-fi
- hyphen-ga
- hyphen-id
- Existing binary openoffice.org-hyphenation converted to dummy
transitional package.
- Links in /usr/share/myspell/infos and /usr/share/myspell/dicts
dropped similarly to libreoffice-dictionaries.
2016-03-03 - Gunnar Hjalmarsson <gunnarhj@ubuntu.com>
openoffice.org-hyphenation (0.9) xenial; urgency=low
* Removed since they are now in hyphen-* packages built by
libreoffice-dictionaries 1:5.1.0-1ubuntu1: cs_CZ, da_DK, el_GR,
en_GB, es_ES, is_IS, nl_NL, pt_BR, pt_PT, sk_SK, uk_UA
(LP: #1510198).
2014-04-25 - Gunnar Hjalmarsson <gunnarhj@ubuntu.com>
openoffice.org-hyphenation (0.8) utopic; urgency=low
* Remove sv_SE since now in the hyphen-sv package in the
libreoffice-dictionaries source package (LP: #1308771).
* Updated copyright file.
2013-06-24 - Dmitrijs Ledkovs <dmitrij.ledkov@ubuntu.com>
openoffice.org-hyphenation (0.7) saucy; urgency=low
* Remove ru_RU since now in the hyphen-ru package. (LP: #1187250)
* Updated copyright file.
2010-08-12 - Didier Roche <didrocks@ubuntu.com>
openoffice.org-hyphenation (0.6) maverick; urgency=low
* Removed fr_BE since now in the fr package.
* Updated copyright file.
2010-04-22 - Chris Cheney <ccheney@ubuntu.com>
openoffice.org-hyphenation (0.5) lucid; urgency=low
* Removed de_CH since it is in its own package now. Closes LP: #568514
* Updated copyright file.
2010-02-03 - Chris Cheney <ccheney@ubuntu.com>
openoffice.org-hyphenation (0.4) lucid; urgency=low
* Removed fr and ro since they are in their own packages now.
* Correct Depends. Closes LP: #427299
2008-04-08 - Chris Cheney <ccheney@ubuntu.com>
openoffice.org-hyphenation (0.3) hardy; urgency=low
* Removed hyph_en_US.dic since it is in openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us.
Close LP: #192310
* Removed hyph_it_IT.dic and hyph_sl_SI.dic since they are in
openoffice.org-dictionaries. Closes LP: #210437
* Updated hyph_de_CH.dic to newer version.
2007-02-08 - Matthias Klose <doko@ubuntu.com>
openoffice.org-hyphenation (0.2) feisty; urgency=low
* Add text of the LPPL to debian/copyright.
2007-02-07 - Matthias Klose <doko@ubuntu.com>
openoffice.org-hyphenation (0.1) feisty; urgency=low
* Initial release, based on files found on the OOo ftp site on 20070205.

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