graphviz - rich set of graph drawing tools

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Distribution Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
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Package filename graphviz_2.38.0-12ubuntu2.1_amd64.deb
Package name graphviz
Package version 2.38.0
Package release 12ubuntu2.1
Package architecture amd64
Package type deb
Category graphics
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Maintainer Ubuntu Developers <>
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Graph drawing addresses the problem of visualizing structural information
by constructing geometric representations of abstract graphs and networks.
Automatic generation of graph drawings has important applications in key
technologies such as database design, software engineering, VLSI and
network design and visual interfaces in other domains. Situations where
these tools might be particularly useful include:
* you would like to restructure a program and first need to understand
the relationships between its types, procedures, and source files
* you need to find the bottlenecks in an Internet backbone - not only
individual links, but their relationships
* you're debugging a protocol or microarchitecture represented as a
finite state machine and need to figure out how a certain
error state arises
* you would like to browse a database schema, knowledge base, or
distributed program represented graphically
* you would like to see an overview of a collection of linked documents
* you would like to discover patterns and communities of interest in a
database of telephone calls or e-mail messages
This package contains the command-line tools.


Package Version Architecture Repository
graphviz_2.38.0-12ubuntu2.1_i386.deb 2.38.0 i386 Ubuntu Updates Main
graphviz_2.38.0-12ubuntu2_i386.deb 2.38.0 i386 Ubuntu Main
graphviz_2.38.0-12ubuntu2_amd64.deb 2.38.0 amd64 Ubuntu Main
graphviz - - -


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libc6 >= 2.15
libcdt5 -
libcgraph6 -
libexpat1 >= 2.0.1
libgd3 >= 2.1.0~alpha~
libgvc6 -
libgvpr2 -
libx11-6 -
libxaw7 -
libxmu6 -
libxt6 -


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gdtclft -


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Binary Package graphviz_2.38.0-12ubuntu2.1_amd64.deb
Source Package graphviz

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install graphviz deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install graphviz




2016-12-24 - Jeremy Bicha <>
graphviz (2.38.0-12ubuntu2.1) xenial; urgency=medium
* Fix broken symlink that made libgv-python unusable (LP: #1583897)
* Add missing dependency from libgraphviz-dev to libgvc6-plugins-gtk
(LP: #1398028)
* Install missing GDK plugin in libgvc6-plugin-gtk
2016-03-13 - Matthias Klose <>
graphviz (2.38.0-12ubuntu2) xenial; urgency=medium
* No-change rebuild for ruby2.3-only support.
2016-02-17 - Nishanth Aravamudan <>
graphviz (2.38.0-12ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium
* Disable libgv-php5 while swig does not support PHP 7.0
(LP: #1546823).
2015-12-18 - Colin Watson <>
graphviz (2.38.0-12build1) xenial; urgency=medium
* Rebuild for Perl 5.22.1.
2015-11-17 - Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS) <>
graphviz (2.38.0-12) unstable; urgency=low
* Build with Ruby 2.2 version.
* Remove uninstalled smyrna documentation (closes: #596707).
[ Antonio Terceiro <> ]
* Fix FTBFS with Ruby 2.2 as default (closes: #804799).
2015-10-31 - Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS) <>
graphviz (2.38.0-11) unstable; urgency=low
* Backport build fix of RedHat for Ruby 2.2 transition (closes: #803587).
* Remove libltdl-dev from build dependencies (closes: #746012).
* Call ldconfig during libgvc6 removal.
2015-07-08 - Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS) <>
graphviz (2.38.0-10) unstable; urgency=low
* Use the real libgd-dev for build dependency and not the old transitional
one (closes: #791852).
2015-05-20 - Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS) <>
graphviz (2.38.0-9) unstable; urgency=medium
* Finish dh_python2 transition and use 2.7 as minimal version for Python
(closes: #783680).
2015-04-13 - Laszlo Boszormenyi (GCS) <>
graphviz (2.38.0-8) unstable; urgency=medium
* Add dh-python to build depends.
* Add PHP module loading ini (closes: #649015).
* Update Standars-Version to 3.9.6 .
* New maintainer (closes: #736605).
2014-12-10 - Salvatore Bonaccorso <>
graphviz (2.38.0-7) unstable; urgency=high
* QA upload.
* Add CVE-2014-9157.patch.
Fix format string vulnerability (CVE-2014-9157) in yyerror() routine
which may allow attackers to cause a denial of service or possibly
execute code.
Thanks to Marc Deslauriers <> (Closes: #772648)

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