git-core - fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (obsolete)

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Distribution Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
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Package filename git-core_2.7.4-0ubuntu1.6_all.deb
Package name git-core
Package version 2.7.4
Package release 0ubuntu1.6
Package architecture all
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Maintainer Ubuntu Developers <>
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Git is popular version control system designed to handle very large
projects with speed and efficiency; it is used for many high profile
open source projects, most notably the Linux kernel.
Git falls in the category of distributed source code management tools.
Every Git working directory is a full-fledged repository with full
revision tracking capabilities, not dependent on network access or a
central server.
This is a transitional dummy package.  The 'git-core' package has been
renamed to 'git', which has been installed automatically.  This
git-core package is now obsolete, and can safely be removed from the
system if no other package depends on it.


Package Version Architecture Repository
git-core_2.7.4-0ubuntu1.6_all.deb 2.7.4 all Ubuntu Updates Main
git-core_2.7.4-0ubuntu1_all.deb 2.7.4 all Ubuntu Main
git-core_2.7.4-0ubuntu1_all.deb 2.7.4 all Ubuntu Main
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git >> 1:


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Binary Package git-core_2.7.4-0ubuntu1.6_all.deb
Source Package git

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install git-core deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install git-core




2018-11-26 - Leonidas S. Barbosa <>
git (1:2.7.4-0ubuntu1.6) xenial-security; urgency=medium
* SECURITY UPDATE: Denial of service
- debian/patches/CVE-2017-15298.patch: fix in diff.h,
- CVE-2017-15298
2018-10-05 - Steve Beattie <>
git (1:2.7.4-0ubuntu1.5) xenial-security; urgency=medium
* SECURITY UPDATE: arbitrary code execution via submodule URLs and
paths in .gitsubmodules.
- 0001-submodule-helper-use-to-signal-end-of-clone-options.patch,
disallow urls and files that begin with '--'.
- 0004-fsck-detect-submodule-urls-starting-with-dash.patch,
reject gitmodules that contain submdule urls and files that begin
with '--'.
- CVE-2018-17456
* SECURITY UPDATE: incomplete fix for CVE-2017-14867
- 0006-cvsimport-apply-shell-quoting-regex-globally.patch: escape
all instances of backticks
2018-06-01 - Steve Beattie <>
git (1:2.7.4-0ubuntu1.4) xenial-security; urgency=medium
* SECURITY UPDATE: arbitrary code execution via
submodule names in .gitsubmodules.
- 0014-fsck-simplify-.git-check.patch
- 0015-fsck-actually-fsck-blob-data.patch
- 0016-fsck-detect-gitmodules-files.patch
- 0017-fsck-check-.gitmodules-content.patch
- 0018-fsck-call-fsck_finish-after-fscking-objects.patch
- 0019-unpack-objects-call-fsck_finish-after-fscking-object.patch
- 0020-index-pack-check-.gitmodules-files-with-strict.patch
- CVE-2018-11235 (LP: #1774061)
* SECURITY UPDATE: out-of-bounds memory access when sanity-checking
pathnames on NTFS
- 0002-is_ntfs_dotgit-use-a-size_t-for-traversing-string.patch
- CVE-2018-11233
* Do not allow .gitmodules to be a symlink:
- 0003-is_hfs_dotgit-match-other-.git-files.patch
- 0004-is_ntfs_dotgit-match-other-.git-files.patch
- 0005-is_-hfs-ntfs-_dotgitmodules-add-tests.patch
- 0006-skip_prefix-add-case-insensitive-variant.patch
- 0007-verify_path-drop-clever-fallthrough.patch
- 0008-verify_dotfile-mention-case-insensitivity-in-comment.patch
- 0009-update-index-stat-updated-files-earlier.patch
- 0010-verify_path-disallow-symlinks-in-.gitmodules.patch
- 0011-sha1_file-add-read_loose_object-function.patch
- 0012-fsck-parse-loose-object-paths-directly.patch
- 0013-index-pack-make-fsck-error-message-more-specific.patch
- 0021-fsck-complain-when-.gitmodules-is-a-symlink.patch
* debian/rules: ensure added tests are executable.
2017-10-03 - Simon Quigley <>
git (1:2.7.4-0ubuntu1.3) xenial-security; urgency=high
* SECURITY UPDATE: Git cvsserver OS Command Injection (LP: #1719740)
- shell-drop-git-cvsserver-support-by-default.diff
- cvsserver-use-safe_pipe_capture.diff
- cvsimport-shell-quote-variable-used-in-backticks.diff
- archimport-use-safe_pipe_capture-for-user-input.diff
- CVE-2017-14867
2017-08-10 - Steve Beattie <>
git (1:2.7.4-0ubuntu1.2) xenial-security; urgency=medium
* SECURITY UPDATE: Arbitrary code execution on clients through
malicious ssh URLs.
- debian/patches/CVE-2017-1000117.patch: filter out hostnames that
would interpreted as cli arguments to ssh
- debian/diff/0002-transport-expose-git_tcp_connect-and-friends-in-new-t.diff:
update to adjust for changes from CVE-2017-1000117.patch.
- CVE-2017-1000117
2017-05-12 - Marc Deslauriers <>
git (1:2.7.4-0ubuntu1.1) xenial-security; urgency=medium
* SECURITY UPDATE: git shell restriction bypass
- debian/patches/CVE-2017-8386.patch: disallow repo names beginning
with dash in shell.c.
- CVE-2017-8386

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