tmpreaper - cleans up files in directories based on their age

Distribution: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
Repository: Ubuntu Universe i386
Package name: tmpreaper
Package version: 1.6.13+nmu1
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Package architecture: i386
Package type: deb
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This package provides a program that can be used to clean out temporary-file directories. It recursively searches the directory, refusing to chdir() across symlinks, and removes files that haven't been accessed in a user-specified amount of time. You can specify a set of files to protect from deletion with a shell pattern. It will not remove files owned by the process EUID that have the `w' bit clear, unless you ask it to, much like `rm -f'. `tmpreaper' will not remove symlinks, sockets, fifos, or special files unless given a command line option enabling it to. WARNING: Please do not run `tmpreaper' on `/'. There are no protections against this written into the program, as that would prevent it from functioning the way you'd expect it to in a `chroot(8)' environment. The daily tmpreaper run can be configured through /etc/tmpreaper.conf .



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  • tmpwatch


    Source package: tmpreaper

    Install Howto

    1. Update the package index:
      # sudo apt-get update
    2. Install tmpreaper deb package:
      # sudo apt-get install tmpreaper


    • /etc/tmpreaper.conf
    • /etc/cron.daily/tmpreaper
    • /usr/sbin/tmpreaper
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    • /usr/share/doc/tmpreaper/changelog.gz
    • /usr/share/doc/tmpreaper/copyright
    • /usr/share/man/man5/tmpreaper.conf.5.gz
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    2010-08-04 - Christian Perrier <> tmpreaper (1.6.13+nmu1) unstable; urgency=low * Non-maintainer upload. * Fix pending l10n issues. Debconf translations: - Danish (Joe Hansen). Closes: #581718

    2009-09-17 - Paul Slootman <> tmpreaper (1.6.13) unstable; urgency=low * debconf config script could exit with status 30.

    2009-09-17 - Paul Slootman <> tmpreaper (1.6.12) unstable; urgency=low * Ignore any \+.*$ component in the version number when checking for the correct version number in, to allow for NMUs. closes:#493405 * Updated the tmpreaper.conf manpage to document TMPREAPER_DELAY and TMPREAPER_ADDITIONALOPTIONS. closes:#510754 * Added Swedish debconf translation from Martin Bagge. closes:#508753 * Added Japanese debconf translation from Hideki Yamane. closes:#522843 * Added Italian debconf translation from Luca Monducci. closes:#544596 * Updated Standards-Version to (no further change necessary). * Bumped debhelper compat level to 5.

    2008-10-06 - Paul Slootman <> tmpreaper (1.6.11) unstable; urgency=low * Really allow --runtime=0 as described in the manpage (previously a minimum of 5 was enforced).

    2008-05-22 - Paul Slootman <> tmpreaper (1.6.10) unstable; urgency=low * Updated Czech debconf translation from Miroslav Kure. closes:#439273 * Updated French debconf translation from Michel Grentzinger. * Added Galician debconf translation from Jacobo Tarrio. closes:#481981 * Added Basque debconf translation from Piarres Beobide. closes:#482024 * Added Russian debconf translation from Yuri Kozlov. closes:#482292 * Handle "infinity" in /etc/default/rcS for TMPTIME. closes:#478136 * Properly update the version output from "tmpreaper -h". * Updated Standards-Version to

    2007-08-21 - Paul Slootman <> tmpreaper (1.6.9) unstable; urgency=low * Updated Spanish Debconf translation from Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña. closes:#438832 * Moving the shell code to the cron.daily script introduced an annoying but harmless bug (tmpreaper doesn't run). Fixed that. closes:#439003 * Updated policy version.

    2007-08-17 - Paul Slootman <> tmpreaper (1.6.8) unstable; urgency=low * Shell code has been removed from the tmpreaper.conf file, now only variables are set there. Processing has moved to the cron.daily script, thanks to Mike Fedyk. closes:#196288 * The abovementioned shell code failed if /etc/default/rcS doesn't exist (and hence $TMPTIME wasn't getting set). Applied patch from Maxim Doucet to only check the value if the grep showed it exists (very logical of course :-) closes:#435820 * Let the maximum initial delay before processing be specified via the tmpreaper.conf file, and overridable via the command line when running the cron.daily script manually. closes:#374977 * Corrected logic in checking for conflicting options, by applying patch supplied by Martin Dickopp (thanks!) closes:#353477 * Updated manpage example for protecting X sockets to correspond to what's actually used in the cron.daily script (although both expand to the same thing). Prompted by #383967. * Updated manpage http links to articles as the reasons for tmpreaper's existence. closes:#355889 * Fixed typos in closes:#370668 * Portuguese Debconf translation from Pedro Ribeiro. closes:#425171 * Updated German Debconf translation from Helge Kreutzmann. closes:#426021 * Spanish Debconf translation from Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña. closes:#437380 * Give Joey Hess credit for his text I quoted in closes:#353355 * Updated the language in the debconf template, and fixed a typo. closes:#353261,#401214