tcl-snack - Sound extension to Tcl/Tk and Python/Tkinter - Tcl/Tk library

Distribution: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
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Package name: tcl-snack
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Package release: dfsg-6
Package architecture: i386
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Snack is an extension to the Tcl/Tk scripting language that adds sound functionality. There are commands to play, record, edit, and even visualize sound. Snack supports in-memory sound objects, file based audio, and streaming audio. It handles file formats such as WAV, AU, AIFF, MP3, and OGG Vorbis.



  • libsnack2
  • libsnack2-alsa


  • libsnack2
  • libsnack2-alsa


  • libsnack2
  • libsnack2-alsa


    Source package: snack

    Install Howto

    1. Update the package index:
      # sudo apt-get update
    2. Install tcl-snack deb package:
      # sudo apt-get install tcl-snack


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    • /usr/lib/tcltk/snack2.2/
    • /usr/lib/tcltk/snack2.2/pkgIndex.tcl
    • /usr/lib/tcltk/snack2.2/snack.tcl
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    2015-11-19 - Sergei Golovan <> snack ( unstable; urgency=medium * Added a patch which fixes a few warnings due to missing prototypes and variable declarations. * Fixed the library loading into Python scripts.

    2015-04-18 - Sergei Golovan <> snack ( unstable; urgency=medium * Ported Python module and demos to Python 3. * In addition to python-tksnack, build also python3-tksnack package for Python 3. * Do not ship python script in /usr/share/pyshared directory, and put them directly into /usr/lib/python*/dist-packages. * Bumped standards version to 3.9.6.

    2013-09-12 - Sergei Golovan <> snack ( unstable; urgency=low * Fixed conflicts in libsnack-oss and libsnack-alsa dependencies which prevented the tcl-snack to be installable (closes: #722431).

    2013-09-01 - Sergei Golovan <> snack ( unstable; urgency=low * Documented license for generic/SnackOgg.c, generic/jkFormant.h, generic/jkFormant.c and generic/sigproc2.c in debian/copyright (closes: #721507).

    2013-08-25 - Sergei Golovan <> snack ( unstable; urgency=low * Replaced deprecated dh_pysypport from python-support by dh_python2. * Dropped all debian/*.dirs files because they aren't necessary. * Added build-arch and build-indep targets to debian/rules (closes: #648302). * Dropped tcl-snack-alsa package and split out the backend dependent shared libraries into libsnack-oss and libsnack-alsa packages. This helps avoiding complex dependencies for packages like tkabber or wavesurfer (see bug 567713 for discussion). * Swapped libsnack-alsa and libsnack-oss to make ALSA enabled library the default one (closes: #567713).

    2013-07-27 - Sergei Golovan <> snack ( unstable; urgency=low * Acknowledge NMU and include patch by Michael Karcher to fix CVE-2012-6303 to the main package development. * Switched to the 3.0 (quilt) source package format. * Renamed the binary packages to tcl-snack, tcl-snack-dev, tcl-snack-doc to comply the Debian Tcl/Tk policy. * Removed non-free source files jkFormatMP3.c and jkFormatMP3.h, and binary without source snack.mcp.sit.hqx. Also, documented the license for ffa.c, shape.c, snackDecls.h, snackStubInit.c, snackStubLib.c and a few other files in debian/copyright (closes: #688020). * Switched to an alternative upstream with reimplemented MP3 support via libmpg123. This helps to retain MP3 support while dropping the non-free source files jkFormatMP3.c and jkFormatMP3.h which implemented MP3 support internally. Note that after that one has to run [package require snackmpg] to enable MP3. * Removed unneeded headers from the tcl-snack-dev binary package. * Bumped debhelper compatibility version to 8. * Bumped standards version to 3.9.4.

    2013-01-02 - John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <> snack (2.2.10-dfsg1-12.1) unstable; urgency=low * Non-maintainer upload. * Include patch by Michael Karcher to fix CVE-2012-6303 (Closes: #695614).

    2011-08-10 - Sergei Golovan <> snack (2.2.10-dfsg1-12) unstable; urgency=low * Fixed FTBFS for non-linux architectures. * Added Tk package to suggested packages list because Snack has sound visualization support.

    2011-08-10 - Sergei Golovan <> snack (2.2.10-dfsg1-11) unstable; urgency=low * Use linux-any wildcard to express build dependency on libasound2-dev (closes: #634299). * Bumped standards version to 3.9.2.