spf-tools-python - sender policy framework (SPF) tools for Python

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SPF (Sender Policy Framework) related scripts and tools in Python. This
package currently provides three scripts:
* pyspf: command line use of spf.py
* spfquery: Python implementation of spfquery (uses alternatives)
* pyspf-type99: Tool to convert SPF records of type TXT to type SPF
spfquery and pyspf-type99 are compatible with python3
For more information about SPF look at http://www.openspf.org/


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spf-tools-python_2.0.12t-1_all.deb 2.0.12t all Ubuntu Universe
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python3 -
python3-spf -
python3:any >= 3.3~


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python-spf << 2.0.5-3


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Binary Package spf-tools-python_2.0.12t-1_all.deb
Source Package pyspf

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install spf-tools-python deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install spf-tools-python




2015-08-05 - Scott Kitterman <scott@kitterman.com>
pyspf (2.0.12t-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream release
* Switch spf-tools-python to use python3 instead of python2.7
- Update debian/rules and control
- Patch spf.py to use /usr/bin/python3 when run as a script
* Promote python{3}-authres recommends to depends since it is used in the
* Add dh-python to build-depends
* Updated debian/watch to point at pypi.debian.net redirector
* Update debian/copyright
* Update Homepage: field in debian/control to point at pypi instead of
* Bump standards version to 3.9.6 without further change.
2014-12-18 - Scott Kitterman <scott@kitterman.com>
pyspf (2.0.11-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream release
- Fix problem with incorrect SPF results due to DNS cache case sensitivity
problems (Closes: #773491)
- Remove debian/patches since the only patch was a cherry pick from
upstream that is in the new release
2014-11-30 - Scott Kitterman <scott@kitterman.com>
pyspf (2.0.10-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* Backport upstream fix for multiple spaces between SPF record terms
issue (Closes: #771547)
* Switch to source format 3.0(quilt) as the lowest impact way to add a
patch system.
2014-09-02 - Scott Kitterman <scott@kitterman.com>
pyspf (2.0.10-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream release
* Add Breaks: tumgreyspf (<< 1.36-4.1~), which should have been there since
2014-05-01 - Scott Kitterman <scott@kitterman.com>
pyspf (2.0.9-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream release
- Support for standards track SPF, RFC 7208
- Add test/rfc7208-tests.yml to python{3}-spf.docs
- Updated Debian provided man pages to align with upstream updates
- Updated package descriptions to refer to RFC 7208
* Update debian/watch to point at pypi instead of sourceforge
* Bump standards version to 3.9.5 without further change
* Set X-Python3-Version to 3.3 due to use of ipaddress
2014-02-13 - Scott Kitterman <scott@kitterman.com>
pyspf (2.0.8-3) unstable; urgency=low
* Change path usage in debian/rules debian/spf-tools-python.links not to
depend on pyshared
* Drop python3.3 specific depends for python3-spf that are no longer needed
(Closes: #739610)
* Drop unused quilt patch system from debian/rules and debian/control
2013-07-25 - Scott Kitterman <scott@kitterman.com>
pyspf (2.0.8-2) unstable; urgency=low
* Add Breaks: for pre-1.2 versions of postfix-policyd-spf-python that used
spf.addr2bin that was removed in 2.0.8
2013-07-25 - Scott Kitterman <scott@kitterman.com>
pyspf (2.0.8-1) unstable; urgency=low
* New upstream release
- Add depends for python-ipaddr and python3.3 | python3-ipaddr (ipaddress
is part of the standard library in python3.3)
- Drop debian/patches/catch_unicode_spf and missed_py3, incorporated
- Update debian/copyright
* Reduce minimum python3-dns version requirement to 3.0.2-1+deb7u1 now that
the relevant bug is fixed in wheezy
* Point debian/watch at pypi instead of sourceforge since it gets released
there first
* Bump debian/compat and debhlper version to 9 for build-arch/indep support
* Bump standards version to 3.9.4 without further change
2013-05-27 - Scott Kitterman <scott@kitterman.com>
pyspf (2.0.7-5) unstable; urgency=low
* Revert last addition to debian/patches/missed_py3
- It isn't the right way to solve the problem and didn't work anyway
- Will fix in python3-dns instead
* Set minimum python3-dns version for python3-spf to 3.0.3 as previous
versions are broken
2013-05-25 - Scott Kitterman <scott@kitterman.com>
pyspf (2.0.7-4) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Jakub Wilk ]
* Use canonical URIs for Vcs-* fields.
[ Scott Kitterman ]
* Urgency medium because this issue has been reported to affect mail
* Update debian/patches/missed_py3 to fix one additional instance of
python3 incompatibility

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