ruby-zoom - Ruby/ZOOM provides a Ruby binding to the Z40.50 Object-Orientation Model

Distribution: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
Repository: Ubuntu Universe i386
Package name: ruby-zoom
Package version: 0.4.1
Package release: 7build2
Package architecture: i386
Package type: deb
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Ruby/ZOOM provides a Ruby binding to the Z39.50 Object-Orientation Model (ZOOM), an abstract object-oriented programming interface to a subset of the services specified by the Z39.50 standard, also known as the international standard ISO 23950. Z39.50 is a client-server protocol for searching and retrieving information from remote computer databases. It is covered by ANSI/NISO standard Z39.50, and ISO standard 23950. The standard's maintenance agency is the Library of Congress.



    Source package: ruby-zoom

    Install Howto

    1. Update the package index:
      # sudo apt-get update
    2. Install ruby-zoom deb package:
      # sudo apt-get install ruby-zoom


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    2016-03-13 - Matthias Klose <> ruby-zoom (0.4.1-7build2) xenial; urgency=medium * No-change rebuild for ruby2.3-only support.

    2016-03-13 - Matthias Klose <> ruby-zoom (0.4.1-7build1) xenial; urgency=medium * No-change rebuild to add ruby2.3 support.

    2016-02-28 - Antonio Terceiro <> ruby-zoom (0.4.1-7) unstable; urgency=medium * Team upload. * debian/ruby-tests.rake: skip `-I src` option to avoid one Ruby version loading a library built for a different version from the build directory (Closes: #815773) * Replace Vcs-* with https URLs * Bump Standards-Versions: to 3.9.7, no changes needed

    2013-12-22 - Jonas Genannt <> ruby-zoom (0.4.1-6) unstable; urgency=low [ Cédric Boutillier ] * Team upload. * d/control: remove obsolete DM-Upload-Allowed flag * d/copyright: use canonical URI in Vcs-* fields [ Jonas Genannt ] * d/control - changed ruby1.8 to all on XS-Ruby-Versions - removed transitional packages - bumped standards version to 3.9.5 (no changes needed) * d/ruby-tests.rake: changed encoding to utf8 * added patch for Ruby1.9.1 / Ruby 2.0

    2012-08-05 - Gunnar Wolf <> ruby-zoom (0.4.1-5) unstable; urgency=low * Team upload * Disabled the execution of tests requiring network access (Closes: #683153)

    2012-06-24 - Vincent Fourmond <> ruby-zoom (0.4.1-4) unstable; urgency=low * Team upload. * Force build-depends on gem2deb 0.3.0

    2012-05-29 - Paul van Tilburg <> ruby-zoom (0.4.1-3) unstable; urgency=low * Source packages adapted according to the new Ruby policy: - Build for ruby1.8 only; extension needs to be ported to ruby1.9.1. - Migrated to pkg-ruby-extras git repos. Changed the Vcs-* fields in debian/control accordingly. - Changed the depends and recommends to follow the new Ruby library naming scheme. * debian/control: - Added a default DM-Upload-Allowed field set to yes. - Standards-Version bumped to 3.9.3; no changes required. - Set XS-Ruby-Versions to ruby1.8. - Changed the build-depends for using gem2deb instead of ruby-pkg-tools. - Switched the maintainer with the uploaders field as per new convention the team is the default maintainer. - Added libzoom-ruby and libzoom-ruby1.8 as transitional packages. - Added build-depends on rake and ruby-test-unit for running the test suite. * debian/copyright: reworked to fit the Debian copyright format version 1.0. * debian/patches: added fix_assert_in_test.patch. * debian/ruby-tests.rake: derived test suite from Rakefile. * debian/ renamed from * debian/ruby-zoom.examples: renamed from libzoom-ruby1.8.examples. * debian/source/lintian-overrides: added overrides for the descriptions of the transitional packages.

    2010-05-31 - Deepak Tripathi <> libzoom-ruby (0.4.1-2) unstable; urgency=low * Closes unresolved dependencies. (Closes: #583416) * debian/control - added libyaz4-dev as BD. - bumped standatd version to 3.8.4 (no changes). - added myself to uploaders. * debian/watch - updated with alioth gemwatch. * debian/ - removed - added source/format.

    2009-04-21 - Ryan Niebur <> libzoom-ruby (0.4.1-1) unstable; urgency=low * Initial release (Closes: #525093)