predictnls - prediction and analysis of protein nuclear localization signals

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predictnls is a method for the prediction and analysis of protein nuclear
localization signals (NLS).  In addition to reporting the positions of
NLSs found, predictnls also gives short statistics.


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predictnls_1.0.20-2_all.deb 1.0.20 all Ubuntu Universe
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Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install predictnls deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install predictnls




2016-01-11 - Andreas Tille <>
predictnls (1.0.20-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* Add myself to Uploaders
* Moved debian/upstream to debian/upstream/metadata
* cme fix dpkg-control
* Priority: optional
* debhelper 9
* DEP5
2012-07-10 - Julia Ertl <>
predictnls (1.0.20-1) unstable; urgency=low
* initial release (Closes: #681271)
2011-06-03 - Laszlo Kajan <>
predictnls (1.0.18) unstable; urgency=low
* fixed warnings for test sequences MNKIPIKDLLNPGAA and MNKIPIKDLLNPG
* bug 39 (PredictNLS misses any NLS right at start of the protein) fixed
* fixed bug 37, 38, 40: LICENSE file missing; PredictNLS start positions
off by one (using zero based counting); predictNLS only reports last
match for any one NLS motif
2011-04-17 - Laszlo Kajan <>
predictnls (1.0.17) unstable; urgency=low
* better error reporting around line 301
2011-02-18 - Laszlo Kajan <>
predictnls (1.0.16) unstable; urgency=low
* bugzilla url
* popularity contest
2010-11-04 - Guy Yachdav <>
predictnls (1.0.15) stable; urgency=low
* Changed references to online help
2010-10-13 - Laszlo Kajan <>
predictnls (1.0.14) stable; urgency=low
* fixed perl warning
2010-10-13 - Laszlo Kajan <>
predictnls (1.0.13) stable; urgency=low
* fixed deletion of output file bug
2010-10-13 - Laszlo Kajan <>
predictnls (1.0.12) stable; urgency=low
* added nlsdat option to extract non-html nls prediction along with the html
* fixed html report table
2010-09-25 - Laszlo Kajan <>
predictnls (1.0.11) stable; urgency=low
* Fixed temporary dir missing '/' bug

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