pollen - Entropy-as-a-Service web server

Property Value
Distribution Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
Repository Ubuntu Universe amd64
Package name pollen
Package version 4.20
Package release 0ubuntu1
Package architecture amd64
Package type deb
Installed size 6.50 KB
Download size 1.42 MB
Official Mirror archive.ubuntu.com
Pollen is an Entropy-as-a-Service web server, providing random seeds.
This can be performed over both cleartext http and encrypted
https TLS connections.


Package Version Architecture Repository
pollen_4.20-0ubuntu1_i386.deb 4.20 i386 Ubuntu Universe
pollen - - -


Name Value
adduser -
ent -
init-system-helpers >= 1.18~
libc6 >= 2.4
libcap2-bin -
lsb-base >= 4.1+Debian11ubuntu7


Name Value
anerd-server -


Name Value
anerd-server << 3.0


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Binary Package pollen_4.20-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb
Source Package pollen

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install pollen deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install pollen




2015-10-13 - Dustin Kirkland <kirkland@ubuntu.com>
pollen (4.20-0ubuntu1) wily; urgency=medium
* debian/pollen.upstart: LP: #1505473
- remove typo in the upstart config which was preventing the service from starting
* rebuild the packages for upload
2015-10-13 - Dustin Kirkland <kirkland@ubuntu.com>
pollen (4.19-0ubuntu1) wily; urgency=medium
* debian/pollen.upstart: LP: #1505473
- remove typo in the upstart config which was preventing the service from starting
2015-09-09 - Dustin Kirkland <kirkland@ubuntu.com>
pollen (4.18-0ubuntu1) wily; urgency=medium
* pollen.go:
- add the "available"  word to the log
2015-05-02 - Dustin Kirkland <kirkland@ubuntu.com>
pollen (4.17-0ubuntu1) unstable; urgency=medium
* debian/pollen.postrm:
- clear out certificates on purge
* debian/pollen.default:
- quote the variable definition, for consistency
* debian/pollen.postinst:
- fix ssl cert generation, country must be <2 chars
* debian/pollen.service:
- put braces around environment variables; required to work at all
* pollen.go, usr.bin.pollen:
- log the entropy bits before and after the transaction
2015-03-25 - Dustin Kirkland <kirkland@ubuntu.com>
pollen (4.16-0ubuntu1) vivid; urgency=medium
[ Matthias Klose ]
* debian/control:
- Build everywhere
2015-01-07 - Dustin Kirkland <kirkland@ubuntu.com>
pollen (4.15-0ubuntu1) vivid; urgency=medium
[ Didier Roche ]
* debian/control, debian/pollen.service, debian/rules:
- Add systemd unit, following similar restart on failure and device
checking logic
- Bump Standards-Version
2014-10-31 - Dustin Kirkland <kirkland@ubuntu.com>
pollen (4.14-0ubuntu1) vivid; urgency=medium
* pollen.go: LP: #1383738
- remove SSLv3 support
2014-10-31 - Dustin Kirkland <kirkland@ubuntu.com>
pollen (4.13-0ubuntu1) vivid; urgency=medium
* debian/pollen-restart.upstart, debian/pollen.upstart, debian/rules:
- LP: #1386052
- add a new upstart job that restarts pollen any time the rsyslog server
is restarted
- this is necessary to work around a bug in the golang syslog library
where syslog restarts break logging
+ https://code.google.com/p/go/issues/detail?id=2264#c8
2014-07-23 - Dustin Kirkland <kirkland@ubuntu.com>
pollen (4.12-0ubuntu1) utopic; urgency=medium
* debian/control:
- recommend rng-tools;  we can do this, since pollen is in universe
* debian/pollen.postinst:
- minor change to the default self-signed cert;  use 'localhost'
for the hostname;  this is useful for testing pollinate against
the localhost with a self-signed cert
- update docs;  pollinate no longer runs daily by default
- update some docs
* check_pollen:
- ensure that the nagios check catches log failures
2014-03-18 - Dustin Kirkland <kirkland@ubuntu.com>
pollen (4.11-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=medium
* pollen_test.go:
- fix FTBFS
- hardcode device to /dev/urandom in unit tests, otherwise, our
entropy starved vm-based builders will fail the unit tests
and fail the build

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