imagemagick-6.q16 - image manipulation programs -- quantum depth Q16

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Distribution Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
Repository Ubuntu Main i386
Package filename imagemagick-6.q16_6.8.9.9-7ubuntu5_i386.deb
Package name imagemagick-6.q16
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Package release 7ubuntu5
Package architecture i386
Package type deb
Category graphics
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Maintainer Ubuntu Developers <>
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ImageMagick is a software suite to create, edit, and compose bitmap images.
It can read, convert and write images in a variety of formats (over 100)
including DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PDF, PhotoCD, PNG, Postscript,
SVG, and TIFF. Use ImageMagick to translate, flip, mirror, rotate, scale,
shear and transform images, adjust image colors, apply various special
effects, or draw text, lines, polygons, ellipses and Bézier curves.
All manipulations can be achieved through shell commands as well as through
an X11 graphical interface (display).
This version of imagemagick is compiled for quantum depth of 16 bits.


Package Version Architecture Repository
imagemagick-6.q16_6.8.9.9-7ubuntu5.13_amd64.deb amd64 Ubuntu Updates Main
imagemagick-6.q16_6.8.9.9-7ubuntu5.13_i386.deb i386 Ubuntu Updates Main
imagemagick-6.q16_6.8.9.9-7ubuntu5_amd64.deb amd64 Ubuntu Main
imagemagick-6.q16 - - -


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hicolor-icon-theme -
libc6 >= 2.4
libmagickcore-6.q16-2 >= 8:
libmagickwand-6.q16-2 >= 8:


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imagemagick-6.defaultquantum -


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Binary Package imagemagick-6.q16_6.8.9.9-7ubuntu5_i386.deb
Source Package imagemagick

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install imagemagick-6.q16 deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install imagemagick-6.q16




2016-04-18 - Iain Lane <>
imagemagick (8: xenial; urgency=medium
* debian/rules: Use LCQUANTUMDEPTH when generating display-im6.desktop too.
Fixes broken icon in .desktop file. (LP: #1558409)
2016-03-16 - Nishanth Aravamudan <>
imagemagick (8: xenial; urgency=medium
* Fix backport of d6054824 to include dropped parentheses
(LP: #1549942).
2016-03-08 - Nishanth Aravamudan <>
imagemagick (8: xenial; urgency=medium
* Add backport of 54b752c3 to fix color behavior (LP: #1549942).
2016-03-02 - Nishanth Aravamudan <>
imagemagick (8: xenial; urgency=medium
* Add backport of a54fe0e8 to fix segmentation faults during
php-imagick tests (LP: #1549942).
2016-02-25 - Nishanth Aravamudan <>
imagemagick (8: xenial; urgency=medium
* Add backports of d6054824, 95c8394e and 68c6a7d to
0070-Fix-PixelColor-off-by-one-on-i386.patch (LP: #1549942)
which were missed in "PixelColor off by one on i386
(closes: #811308)".
2016-01-17 - Vincent Fourmond <>
imagemagick (8: unstable; urgency=low
* Fix various minor security issues 
- Fix an integer overflow that can lead to a buffer overrun
in the icon parsing code (LP: #1459747, closes: #806441)
- Fix an integer overflow that can lead to a double free in
pict parsing (LP: #1448803, closes: #806441).
- Memory Leak while handle psd file (closes: #811308)
- IM 6.9.2 crash with some PNG (closes: #811308, LP: #1492881)
- Null pointer access in magick/constitute.c (closes: #811308)
- PixelColor off by one on i386 (closes: #811308)
- Fixed other memory leaks (closes: #811308)
2015-09-12 - Bastien Roucariès <>
imagemagick (8: unstable; urgency=high
* Fix build on mips by printing progress (Closes: #770009).
* Fix a few security bugs: (closes: #799524)
- A DOS on specially crafted MIFF file (TEMP-0000000-FDAC72).
- A DOS on specially crafted Vicar file (TEMP-0000000-EEF23C).
- A DOS on specially crafted HDR file (TEMP-0000000-7C079F).
- A DOS on specially crafted PDB file (TEMP-0000000-2FC21E).
- Avoid a null pointer dereference in JNG decoder.
- Avoid a DOS for RLE file.
- Avoid double free on TGA file.
- Avoid a bufer overflow by using field limit in sprintf.
- Avoid a stack overflow in fx handling.
* Replace density of 1 for JPEG by unknown working around
a TeX bug (Closes: #763799).
2015-08-12 - Simon McVittie <>
imagemagick (8: unstable; urgency=medium
* Non-maintainer upload.
[ Matthias Klose ]
* Renamed library for gcc5 transition libmagick++-6.q16-5 ->
[ Simon McVittie ]
* Don't add a lintian override for the libmagick++-6.q16-5v5 name,
current lintian accepts this name
* Don't clear the symbols files for the C ABIs, only the C++ ABI
2014-12-29 - Bastien Roucariès <>
imagemagick (8: unstable; urgency=high
* Fix incorrect fix for xpm security problem.
This patch fixed the buffer overflow but
xpm coder output garbage, thanks to Adam Sjøgren
(Closes: #773980).
* Workarround "Imagemagick FTBFS on mips on mips-aql-* not on ball".
Do not execute testsuite if FPU is not present. Security team
want this bug fixed in order to ease it work, thanks
to Ivo De Decker (Closes: #770009).

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