gnome-screensaver - GNOME screen saver and locker

Property Value
Distribution Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
Repository Ubuntu Main amd64
Package filename gnome-screensaver_3.6.1-7ubuntu4_amd64.deb
Package name gnome-screensaver
Package version 3.6.1
Package release 7ubuntu4
Package architecture amd64
Package type deb
Category gnome
License -
Maintainer Ubuntu Desktop Team <>
Download size 85.63 KB
Installed size 416.00 KB
gnome-screensaver is a screen saver and locker that aims to have simple,
sane and secure defaults, and be well integrated with the GNOME desktop.
It is designed to support, among other things:
* the ability to lock down configuration settings
* translation into other languages
* user switching


Package Version Architecture Repository
gnome-screensaver_3.6.1-7ubuntu4_i386.deb 3.6.1 i386 Ubuntu Main
gnome-screensaver - - -


Name Value
adwaita-icon-theme >= 2.15.90
dbus-x11 -
gsettings-desktop-schemas >= 2.91.92
libc6 >= 2.7
libcairo2 >= 1.10.0
libdbus-1-3 >= 1.9.14
libdbus-glib-1-2 >= 0.78
libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 >= 2.22.0
libglib2.0-0 >= 2.37.3
libgnome-desktop-3-12 >= 3.17.92
libgtk-3-0 >= 3.0.0
libpam0g >=
libsystemd0 -
libx11-6 -
libxext6 -
libxxf86vm1 -


Type URL
Binary Package gnome-screensaver_3.6.1-7ubuntu4_amd64.deb
Source Package gnome-screensaver

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install gnome-screensaver deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install gnome-screensaver




2016-01-04 - Dimitri John Ledkov <>
gnome-screensaver (3.6.1-7ubuntu4) xenial; urgency=high
* Use libsystemd-dev harder...
2015-12-11 - Dimitri John Ledkov <>
gnome-screensaver (3.6.1-7ubuntu3) xenial; urgency=high
* Use libsystemd-dev, instead of libsystemd-login-dev.
2015-11-02 - Iain Lane <>
gnome-screensaver (3.6.1-7ubuntu2) xenial; urgency=medium
* No-change rebuild against new gnome libraries
2015-07-20 - Iain Lane <>
gnome-screensaver (3.6.1-7ubuntu1) wily; urgency=medium
* Merge with Debian unstable, remaining changes:
- Don't build-depend on intltool
- Install an apport hook
- Don't depend on gnome-session-bin; it doesn't appear to actually be
required, xubuntu is doing fine without it
- Let xfce4-power-manager be an alternative to gnome-power-manager
- Depend on adwaita-icon-theme instead of gnome-icon-theme
- debian/gnome-screensaver.maintscript:
+ drop old pre lucid transition, update version for the new conffile one
- debian/patches/03_fix_ltsp-fading.patch: don't fade on LTSP
- debian/patches/05_dbus_service.patch: restore the dbus service that
upstream dropped
- debian/patches/13_nvidia_gamma_fade_fallback.patch:
+ Fall back to XF86VM gamma fade if XRANDR gamma fade is not supported
- debian/patches/14_no_fade_on_user_switch.patch:
+ Disable fade on locking to work around #546578 and prevent the screen
remaining blank after user switching.
- debian/patches/15_dont_crash_on_no_fade.patch:
+ Don't crash on systems that don't support XF86VM or XRANDR gamma fade,
by testing if fade is supported on a particular screen before calling
the fade_setup and fade_finish virtual functions
- debian/patches/16_dont_crash_in_kvm.patch:
+ Don't crash when the XF86VM extension doesn't allow the gamma to be set
- debian/patches/17_remove_top_panel.patch: Don't create the top panel.
- debian/patches/18_revert_dialog_layout.patch: Revert lock dialog to
previous appearance to get username back.
- debian/patches/24_use_user_settings.patch: use the user settings, and
not the default system ones, so we get the user's background when the
screen is locked.
- debian/patches/25_fix_lock_command.patch: make --lock expect a reply
so the screen gets properly locked when gnome-screensaver needs to be
respawned by dbus. This was preventing ctrl-alt-l from locking the
screen on the first attempt when the gnome-screensaver process was
- debian/patches/27_lightdm_switch_user.patch: When used under lightdm,
use dbus to switch to greeter instead of calling gdmflexiserver.
- debian/patches/28_blocking_return.patch:
+ Correctly reply so the client doesn't block waiting
- debian/patches/28_handle_expired_creds.patch:
+ Allow handling of expired credentials.
- Add 30_ubuntu-lock-on-suspend_gsetting.patch: Handle
ubuntu-lock-on-suspend gsettings key. This is introduced in Ubuntu's
gsettings-desktop-schemas package.
- debian/patches/32_input_sources_switcher.patch:
+ Use input sources instead of XKB layouts.
- debian/patches/move_not_nuke.patch: When trying to acquire a contentious
keyboard grab, don't nuke input focus, but instead move it to new grab
window before taking grab
- debian/patches/allow-replacement: Make the D-Bus interface able to be
replaced, so that Unity (or others in future) can take it over if they
want to provide their own screensaver implementations. No need to listen
to NameOwnerChanged, only NameLost — so we don't have to wake
gnome-screensaver up every time this signal goes across the bus.
2015-07-20 - Iain Lane <>
gnome-screensaver (3.6.1-7) unstable; urgency=medium
* d/p/0001-gs-lock-plug-Disconnect-signal-handler-from-right-ob.patch:
Cherry-pick patch from upstream to disconnect a signal from the right

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