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Contains man pages for libpthread functions and the complete GNU C Library
ChangeLog.  The GNU C Library Reference manual has been moved into
glibc-doc-reference for licensing reasons.


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glibc-doc_2.23-0ubuntu3_all.deb 2.23 all Ubuntu Main
glibc-doc_2.23-0ubuntu11_all.deb 2.23 all Ubuntu Updates Main
glibc-doc_2.23-0ubuntu11_all.deb 2.23 all Ubuntu Updates Main
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glibc-doc-reference >= 2.18


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Binary Package glibc-doc_2.23-0ubuntu3_all.deb
Source Package glibc

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install glibc-doc deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install glibc-doc




2016-04-14 - Adam Conrad <>
glibc (2.23-0ubuntu3) xenial; urgency=medium
* Merge with 2.23 from experimental, bringing in upstream updates:
- Save/restore fprs/vrs while resolving symbols (LP: #1564918)
- Fix _nss_dns_getnetbyname_r() stack overflow (CVE-2016-3075)
- Merge libnss-dns-udeb and libnss-files-udeb into libc6-udeb.
* Tidy up locale-gen, thanks to Gunnar Hjalmarsson (LP: #1560577):
- Fix thinko that broke handling of multiple locale arguments.
- Recognize UTF-8 locales without charset suffix in SUPPORTED.
- Fix bug that led to the unsupported message not being shown.
* Show reboot-required notification for all updates (LP: #1546457)
2016-04-14 - Aurelien Jarno <>
glibc (2.23-0experimental2) experimental; urgency=medium
[ Aurelien Jarno ]
* debian/patches/git-updates.diff: update from upstream stable branch.
* patches/kfreebsd/local-fbtl.diff: update to revision 5973 (from
* debian/rules, debian/rules.d/ rename localedir into complocaledir
following upstream change.
* debian/patches/local-allocalim-header.diff: drop, obsolete.
* debian/patches/any/local-no-pagesize.diff: drop, obsolete.
[ Adam Conrad ]
* debian/ Also allow tst-malloc-thread-fail to
fail where we've already done so for test-xfail-tst-malloc-thread-exit.
2016-03-22 - Adam Conrad <>
glibc (2.23-0ubuntu2) xenial; urgency=medium
* Merge with 2.23 from experimental, bringing in upstream updates.
* Revert dropping the ldconfig wrapper, xenial still has a lot of
packages that don't ship a trigger but instead call in postinst.
* Add more belocs options to locale-gen to appease our installers.
* Use DH_COMPAT=8 for dh_strip to fix debug sections for valgrind.
* Tweak locales.config to allow langpacks for /etc/default/locale.

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