gir1.2-evince-3.0 - GObject introspection data for the evince libraries

Property Value
Distribution Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
Repository Ubuntu Main amd64
Package filename gir1.2-evince-3.0_3.18.2-1ubuntu4_amd64.deb
Package name gir1.2-evince-3.0
Package version 3.18.2
Package release 1ubuntu4
Package architecture amd64
Package type deb
Category libs
License -
Maintainer Ubuntu Developers <>
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Installed size 732.00 KB
This package contains introspection data for the libevview and
libevdocument library.
Evince is a simple multi-page document viewer.  It can display and print
PostScript (PS), Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), DjVu, DVI, Portable
Document Format (PDF) and XML Paper Specification (XPS) files.
When supported by the document, it also allows searching for text,
copying text to the clipboard, hypertext navigation, and
table-of-contents bookmarks.
It can be used by packages using the GIRepository format to generate
dynamic bindings.


Package Version Architecture Repository
gir1.2-evince-3.0_3.18.2-1ubuntu4.3_amd64.deb 3.18.2 amd64 Ubuntu Updates Main
gir1.2-evince-3.0_3.18.2-1ubuntu4.3_i386.deb 3.18.2 i386 Ubuntu Updates Main
gir1.2-evince-3.0_3.18.2-1ubuntu4_i386.deb 3.18.2 i386 Ubuntu Main
gir1.2-evince-3.0 - - -


Name Value
gir1.2-gdkpixbuf-2.0 -
gir1.2-glib-2.0 -
gir1.2-gtk-3.0 -
libevdocument3-4 >= 3.18.0
libevview3-3 >= 3.13.91
libgirepository-1.0-1 >= 1.41.4-1


Name Value
gir1.2-evince-document-3.0 -
gir1.2-evince-view-3.0 -


Type URL
Binary Package gir1.2-evince-3.0_3.18.2-1ubuntu4_amd64.deb
Source Package evince

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install gir1.2-evince-3.0 deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install gir1.2-evince-3.0




2016-03-08 - Robert Ancell <>
evince (3.18.2-1ubuntu4) xenial; urgency=medium
* debian/control:
- Set breaks/replaces for .desktop file moves
* debian/evince.install:
* debian/evince-common.install:
- Move .desktop files from -common to the main binary (LP: #1553156)
- Remove reference to obsolete evince-gtk.desktop
2016-02-26 - Sebastien Bacher <>
evince (3.18.2-1ubuntu3) xenial; urgency=medium
* Rebuild with the new poppler soname
2016-02-24 - Matthias Klose <>
evince (3.18.2-1ubuntu2) xenial; urgency=medium
* Multiarchify the library packages. LP: #1508590.
* libevdocument3-4: Breaks: evince-hwp (<< 0.1.1-2ubuntu1).
2015-11-12 - Sebastien Bacher <>
evince (3.18.2-1ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium
* Resynchronize on Debian including fixed PIE build (lp: #1496548), 
remaining changes
* debian/apparmor-profile:
* debian/apparmor-profile.abstraction:
* debian/evince.apport:
* debian/evince-common.dirs:
- Ubuntu apparmor profile
* debian/control:
- Build-Depend on dh-apparmor and libgrip-dev
- don't depends on gnome-icon-theme-symbolic it's deprecated and 
replaced by the adwaita theme (lp: #1510819)
- Suggests on apparmor
* debian/patches/git_sidebar_label.patch:
- show the page label instead of page number (lp: #1506967)
* debian/patches/traditional_menu_bar.patch:
- use traditionnal menubars under Unity, updated to show the buttons
in the window as well as upstream does (less change and clean
warnings displayed on start before)
* debian/patches/unity_normal_titlebar.patch:
- use traditionnal titlebar out of gnome-shell
* debian/rules:
- install apparmor and apport files, update translations template
2015-11-12 - Michael Biebl <>
evince (3.18.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* New upstream release.
2015-10-21 - Michael Biebl <>
evince (3.18.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Andreas Henriksson ]
* libevview3-3: depend on gstreamer1.0-plugins-base
- for playbin plugin
[ Michael Biebl ]
* New upstream release.
* Update Depends of libevince-dev as per evince-document-3.0.pc:
- Bump libgtk-3-dev to (>= 3.16.0)
- Bump libglib2.0-dev to (>= 2.36.0)
2015-09-24 - Andreas Henriksson <>
evince (3.18.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Josselin Mouette ]
* Remove Debian menu entry.
[ Andreas Henriksson ]
* New upstream release.
* Update build-dependencies according to changes:
- bump gtk+ to >= 3.16.0
- add gstreamer and gstreamer-plugins-base to opt into multimedia support.
* Drop debian/rules snippet for installing evince.xpm
- the XPM was removed together with the Debian menu entry.
* Update debian/libevdocument3-4.symbols with several additions.
* Update debian/libevview3-3.symbols with several additions.
2015-06-24 - Michael Biebl <>
evince (3.16.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
[ Fabian Greffrath ]
* Build only the full-flavored variant of Evince (Closes: #755071).
+ Disable building of the evince-gtk flavor.
+ Turn evince-gtk into a transitional package that depends on evince.
+ Add Breaks and Replaces to the evince package accordingly.
+ Move gvfs from Recommends to Suggests.
+ Exclude the "/usr/lib/nautilus/" path from dh_shlibdeps to avoid
the infamous dependency on libnautilus*.
* Append "-Wl,--as-needed -Wl,-z,defs" to LDFLAGS to avoid more
unnecessary dependencies.
[ Michael Biebl ]
* Remove leftover bits from the flavors build which are no longer necessary.
* New upstream release.
* Drop obsolete Breaks/Replaces from pre-wheezy.
* Update debian/libevdocument3-4.symbols, add new symbols.
* Install AppData files.
* Bump debhelper compatibility level to 9.
* Bump Build-Depends on libgtk-3-dev to (>= 3.15.3) as per
* Drop Build-Depends on gnome-icon-theme, no longer needed.

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