umlet - simple, text driven UML drawing tool

Distribution: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
Repository: GetDeb Apps amd64
Package name: umlet
Package version: 14.2
Package release: 1~getdeb1
Package architecture: all
Package type: deb
Installed size: 8.92 KB
Download size: 8.05 MB
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UMLet is a UML tool aimed at providing a fast way of drawing UML diagrams. UML elements are modified using text input instead of pop-up dialogs. Elements can be modified and used as templates; this way, users can easily tailor UMLet to their modeling needs. UMLet supports a variety of UML diagram types: class diagrams, use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, state diagrams, deployment diagrams, activity diagrams, etc. UMLet can only be used for drawing UML diagrams, it does not support code export or the XMI format. UMLet allows one to export diagrams as images or PDF.



    Source package: umlet

    Install Howto

    1. Install the repository GPG key:
      # wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
    2. Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list:
      deb xenial-getdeb apps
    3. Update the package index:
      # sudo apt-get update
    4. Install umlet deb package:
      # sudo apt-get install umlet


    • /usr/bin/umlet
    • /usr/share/applications/umlet.desktop
    • /usr/share/doc/umlet/README.Debian
    • /usr/share/doc/umlet/TODO.Debian
    • /usr/share/doc/umlet/changelog.Debian.gz
    • /usr/share/doc/umlet/copyright
    • /usr/share/man/man1/umlet.1.gz
    • /usr/share/menu/umlet
    • /usr/share/pixmaps/umlet.xpm
    • /usr/share/umlet/umlet.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/
    • /usr/share/umlet/custom_elements/
    • /usr/share/umlet/custom_elements/
    • /usr/share/umlet/custom_elements/
    • /usr/share/umlet/custom_elements/
    • /usr/share/umlet/custom_elements/
    • /usr/share/umlet/img/umlet_logo.png
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/autocomplete-2.5.8.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/batik-awt-util-1.8.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/batik-dom-1.8.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/batik-ext-1.8.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/batik-svggen-1.8.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/batik-util-1.8.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/batik-xml-1.8.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/bcel-5.2.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/commons-io-2.4.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/ecj-4.4.2.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/itextpdf-5.4.1.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/javaparser-core-2.3.0.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/jlibeps-0.1.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/log4j-1.2.17.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/mailapi-1.4.3.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/rsyntaxtextarea-2.5.8.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/slf4j-api-1.7.7.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/slf4j-log4j12-1.7.13.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/smtp-1.5.4.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/umlet-elements-14.2.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/lib/umlet-swing-14.2.jar
    • /usr/share/umlet/palettes/Plots.uxf