libqt5sql5 - Qt 5 SQL module

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Distribution Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr)
Repository Ubuntu Updates Main amd64
Package filename libqt5sql5_5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu14.3_amd64.deb
Package name libqt5sql5
Package version 5.2.1+dfsg
Package release 1ubuntu14.3
Package architecture amd64
Package type deb
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Maintainer Ubuntu Developers <>
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Qt is a cross-platform C++ application framework. Qt's primary feature
is its rich set of widgets that provide standard GUI functionality.
The QtSql module helps you provide seamless database integration to your Qt


Package Version Architecture Repository
libqt5sql5_5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu14.3_i386.deb 5.2.1+dfsg i386 Ubuntu Updates Main
libqt5sql5_5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu14_i386.deb 5.2.1+dfsg i386 Ubuntu Main
libqt5sql5_5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu14_amd64.deb 5.2.1+dfsg amd64 Ubuntu Main
libqt5sql5 - - -


Name Value
dpkg >= 1.15.6~
libc6 >= 2.14
libqt5core5a >= 5.2.0
libstdc++6 >= 4.1.1
multiarch-support -
qtbase-abi-5-2-1 -


Type URL
Binary Package libqt5sql5_5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu14.3_amd64.deb
Source Package qtbase-opensource-src

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install libqt5sql5 deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install libqt5sql5




2015-05-27 - Marc Deslauriers <>
qtbase-opensource-src (5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu14.3) trusty-security; urgency=medium
* SECURITY UPDATE: denial of service via crafted GIF image
- debian/patches/CVE-2014-0190.patch: check for broken image in
- CVE-2014-0190
* SECURITY UPDATE: denial of service via crafted BMP
- debian/patches/CVE-2015-0295.patch: fix division by zero in
- CVE-2015-0295
* SECURITY UPDATE: denial of service and possible code execution via
crafted BMP or ICO images
- debian/patches/CVE-2015-1858-1859.patch: move check to better
location in src/gui/image/qbmphandler.cpp, check depth in
- CVE-2015-1858
- CVE-2015-1859
* SECURITY UPDATE: denial of service and possible code exection via
crafted GIF image
- debian/patches/CVE-2015-1860.patch: check bounds in
- CVE-2015-1860
2014-05-06 - Maarten Lankhorst <>
qtbase-opensource-src (5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu14.2) trusty; urgency=medium
* debian/patches/xi2-use-master-device.patch:
- Make xi2 select events on master device instead of slaves.
(LP: #1307701)
2014-04-28 - Timo Jyrinki <>
qtbase-opensource-src (5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu14.1) trusty; urgency=medium
[ Dmitry Shachnev ]
* Backport upstream patch to fix issues with keymap update handling
(Add_better_support_for_keymap_update_handling.patch, copied from
Debian and rebased). (LP: #1318482)
* Build-depend on libxkbcommon-x11-dev, as the new patch includes
2014-04-09 - Ricardo Salveti de Araujo <>
qtbase-opensource-src (5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu14) trusty; urgency=medium
* libqt5gui5.symbols, libqt5opengl5.symbols: making the gl/gles symbols
optional, and creating a list of generic and gl/gles specifics symbols,
so we can provide a set of packages built with the OpenGL ES backend on
i386 and amd64
* debian/rules: don't override makeshlibs and leave it to be automatically
created (so we can have proper >= version deps)
2014-04-08 - Ricardo Salveti de Araujo <>
qtbase-opensource-src (5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu13) trusty; urgency=medium
* Update remaining symbols files with buildd's logs.
2014-04-07 - Ricardo Salveti de Araujo <>
qtbase-opensource-src (5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu12) trusty; urgency=medium
* Update symbols files with buildd's logs.
2014-04-01 - Timo Jyrinki <>
qtbase-opensource-src (5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu11) trusty; urgency=medium
* debian/patches/When-looking-up-the-window-hierarchy-stop-at-foreign.patch
- Cherry-pick a fix to a bug affecting online accounts (LP: #1299712)
2014-03-18 - Iain Lane <>
qtbase-opensource-src (5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu10) trusty; urgency=medium
* Make qt5-qmake Multi-Arch: same since it moved from shipping files in
/usr/share to /usr/lib/<triplet>.
2014-03-18 - Timo Jyrinki <>
qtbase-opensource-src (5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu9) trusty; urgency=medium
* debian/patches/Fix-access-after-delete-with-Harfbuzz-NG-code-path.patch
* debian/patches/Fix-log_clusters-calculation-in-HarfBuzz-NG-code-pat.patch
* debian/patches/HarfBuzz-NG-Hide-characters-that-should-normally-be-.patch
* debian/patches/Minor-optimization-for-QTextEngine-shapeText.patch
- Cherry-pick latest HarfBuzz-NG changes from upstream including the one 
fixing the glyph issue,81150
(LP: #1285184)
2014-03-17 - Ricardo Salveti de Araujo <>
qtbase-opensource-src (5.2.1+dfsg-1ubuntu8) trusty; urgency=medium
* debian/patches/Add-workaround-for-GL-on-Android-emulator.patch:
- Adding back the remaining piece that's not yet upstream, but needed
for the Ubuntu Touch emulator

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