libatomic1 - support library providing __atomic built-in functions

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Distribution Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr)
Repository Ubuntu Updates Main amd64
Package filename libatomic1_4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.4_amd64.deb
Package name libatomic1
Package version 4.8.4
Package release 2ubuntu1~14.04.4
Package architecture amd64
Package type deb
Category libs
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Maintainer Ubuntu Core developers <>
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library providing __atomic built-in functions. When an atomic call cannot
be turned into lock-free instructions, GCC will make calls into this library.


Package Version Architecture Repository
libatomic1_4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.4_i386.deb 4.8.4 i386 Ubuntu Updates Main
libatomic1_4.8.2-19ubuntu1_amd64.deb 4.8.2 amd64 Ubuntu Main
libatomic1_4.8.2-19ubuntu1_i386.deb 4.8.2 i386 Ubuntu Main
libatomic1 - - -


Name Value
gcc-4.8-base = 4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.4
libc6 >= 2.14
multiarch-support -


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Binary Package libatomic1_4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.4_amd64.deb
Source Package gcc-4.8

Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install libatomic1 deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install libatomic1




2018-02-13 - Steve Beattie <>
gcc-4.8 (4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.4) trusty-security; urgency=medium
* Add retpoline support for x86 via adding -mindirect-branch=,
-mindirect-branch-register, and -mfunction-return= support
(LP: #1749261)
- 0001-i386-Move-struct-ix86_frame-to-machine_function.diff,
implement -mindirect-branch=<keep|thunk|thunk-inline|thunk-extern>
with attribute support, -mindirect-branch-register, and
-mfunction-return=<thunk|thunk-inline|thunk-extern> with
attribute support. Thanks to H.J. Lu.
2016-05-06 - Steve Beattie <>
gcc-4.8 (4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.3) trusty-security; urgency=medium
* Rebuild in the trusty-security pocket to address issues building
linux kernel and openjdk-7 security updates (LP: #1577553)
[Matthias Klose]
* Fix PR rtl-optimization/68955, PR rtl-optimization/64557, taken from 4.9.
2015-11-18 - Matthias Klose <>
gcc-4.8 (4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04.1) trusty-proposed; urgency=medium
* SRU:
* Fix auto-loading of gdb pretty printers. LP: #1446828.
* Fix PR libstdc++/56158, taken from the trunk.
Addresses: #804521. LP: #1514309.
* Backport PR target/64579 and PR target/67281 from the trunk (HTM fixes).
LP: #1517093.
2015-03-27 - Matthias Klose <>
gcc-4.8 (4.8.4-2ubuntu1~14.04) trusty-proposed; urgency=medium
* SRU LP: #1311866.
* Fix PR tree-optimization/63341 (wrong code, rs6000).
* Allow to turn off -Wformat using Wno-format. LP: #1401836.
* Fix PR target/60693 (x86, ice on valid code). LP: #1378737.
* Fix PR tree-optimization/61964 (wrong code). LP: #1347147.
* Fix GCC miscompilation with boost::asio::io_service::work. LP: #1338693.
* Fix PR target/61208 (POWER, wrong code). LP: #1322287.
* Fix ABI incompatibility between POWER and Z HTM builtins and intrinsics.
LP: #1320292.
* Fix PR c++/61046 (ice on invalid code). LP: #1313102.
* Fix wrong-code issue in the little endian vector API (ppc64el).
LP: #1311128.
* Fix PR tree-optimization/59358 (wrong code). LP: #1395019.
* Fix ice on ARM32. LP: #1268893.
* Don't apply the backport for PR61841 for trusty, causing link failures.
* Fix wrong code for vector doubleword extract (POWER). LP: #1437467.
2015-04-28 - Matthias Klose <>
gcc-4.8 (4.8.4-2ubuntu1) vivid; urgency=medium
* Merge with Debian; remaining changes:
- Build from the upstream source.

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