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Click is a simplified packaging format that installs in a separate part of
the file system, suitable for third-party applications.
click-dev provides support for building these packages.


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Install Howto

  1. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  2. Install click-dev deb package:
    # sudo apt-get install click-dev




2015-10-15 - Jamie Strandboge <>
click ( trusty-security; urgency=medium
* SECURITY UPDATE: fix privilege escalation via crafted data.tar.gz that
can be used to install alternate security policy than what is defined
- click/ Forbid installing packages with data tarball members
whose names do not start with "./". Based on patch from Colin Watson.
- CVE-2015-XXXX
- LP: #1506467
2014-04-08 - Ubuntu daily release <>
click ( trusty; urgency=medium
[ Colin Watson ]
* When a hook command fails, include the command in the error message.
* Don't allow failure of a single hook to prevent other hooks being run.
* Log hook failures to stderr and exit non-zero, rather than propagating
an exception which is then logged as a click crash.
2014-04-08 - Colin Watson <>
click (0.4.21) trusty; urgency=medium
* Add *_as_string variants of manifest methods, for clients that already
have their own JSON parsing libraries and don't want to use JSON-GLib.
* Write to stderr and exit non-zero when chrooted commands fail, rather
than propagating an exception which is then logged as a click crash
(LP: #1298457).
* Make the get_manifests family of functions log errors about individual
manifests to stderr rather than crashing (LP: #1297519).
* Don't run user hooks until dbus has started; the content-hub hook needs
to modify gsettings.
* Don't rely on PyGObject supporting default None arguments; this was only
added in 3.11.1.
2014-03-24 - Ubuntu daily release <>
click (0.4.20) trusty; urgency=medium
[ Colin Watson ]
* Create system hook symlinks for all installed packages, not just current
versions.  This avoids missing AppArmor profiles when there are
unregistered user-installed versions of packages lying around.
2014-03-18 - Ubuntu daily release <>
click (0.4.19) trusty; urgency=medium
[ Colin Watson ]
* Set Click.User.ensure_db visibility back to private, since it's no
longer used by Click.Hook.  (The C ABI is unaffected.)
* Add brief documentation on Click's multiple-database scheme, based on my
recent mail to ubuntu-phone.
* Fix a few potential GLib critical messages from the PackageKit plugin.
* Make libclick-0.4-dev depend on libjson-glib-dev for
* Add Requires.private to click-0.4.pc, so that programs built against
libclick pick up the proper CFLAGS including glib and json-glib.
* chroot: Allow creating 14.04 chroots.
* Include _directory and _removable dynamic manifest keys in "click info"
output (LP: #1293788).
* Document -f and -s options to "click chroot" in click(1).
* chroot: Fix code to make / executable.
* chroot: Make /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d executable in the chroot, as
otherwise it has no effect.
* chroot: Run apt-get dist-upgrade on the chroot before trying to install
the basic build tool set.  Fixes chroot creation for saucy.
[ Benjamin Zeller ]
* Take pkexec env vars into account when creating a chroot.
[ Dimitri John Ledkov ]
* Add session management to click chroot.
2014-03-12 - Ubuntu daily release <>
click ( trusty; urgency=medium
[ Colin Watson ]
* Take a slightly different approach to fixing "click hook run-user": only
try to update user registration symlinks if they already exist in the
overlay database.
2014-03-12 - Colin Watson <>
click ( trusty; urgency=medium
* Make "click hook run-user" ensure that the user registration directory
exists before dropping privileges and trying to create symlinks in it
(LP: #1291192).

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