pidgin-musictracker - Plugin for Pidgin which displays the current music track in your status

Distribution: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin)
Repository: Ubuntu Universe amd64
Package name: pidgin-musictracker
Package version: 0.4.22
Package release: 2ubuntu1
Package architecture: amd64
Package type: deb
Installed size: 548 B
Download size: 95.27 KB
Official Mirror:
MusicTracker is a plugin for Pidgin (previously known as Gaim) which displays the music track currently playing in the status message of various accounts such as AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk (Jabber), etc., i.e. any protocol Pidgin supports custom statuses on. Features * Currently supported players: Amarok, Audacious, Banshee, Exaile, feed, Listen, MOC, MPD, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Songbird + DBusBird, SqueezeCenter, Vagalume, XMMS, XMMS2 * Supports MPRIS DBus interface for Amarok2, BMPx dragonplayer and VLC * Allows you to customize the status string with various fields extracted from your media player such as artist, album, track, duration, progress bar, etc. * Different status messages for various media player states such as Playing, Paused and Stopped. * Supports per-account status format customization. * Optional Profanity filter for words in the status. * Auto-detects which player is in use.



    Source package: pidgin-musictracker

    Install Howto

    1. Update the package index:
      # sudo apt-get update
    2. Install pidgin-musictracker deb package:
      # sudo apt-get install pidgin-musictracker


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