nautilus-compare - Context menu comparison extension for Nautilus file manager

Distribution: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin)
Repository: Ubuntu Universe amd64
Package name: nautilus-compare
Package version: 0.0.4
Package release: 1
Package architecture: all
Package type: deb
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Simple context menu file comparison extension for Nautilus 3 and above, inspired by the discontinued 'diff-ext' extension. By default it uses 'meld' to do the comparison and provides "Compare", "Compare to ~/foo/bar" and "Compare Later" in Nautilus context menu. Using the configurator tool you can choose your favourite compare tool for one-on-one, three-way and multi-compare situations.



    Source package: nautilus-compare

    Install Howto

    1. Update the package index:
      # sudo apt-get update
    2. Install nautilus-compare deb package:
      # sudo apt-get install nautilus-compare


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    • /usr/share/nautilus-python/extensions/


    2011-10-30 - Andrea Veri <> nautilus-compare (0.0.4-1) unstable; urgency=low * New upstream release. * debian/postinst and prerm: - added to notify users to restart their nautilus istance to enable nautilus-compare. * debian/nautilus-compare-preferences.1: - added. Thanks Guido for working on it. * debian/control: - added a depend on python. - meld moved to recommends and added a good bunch of different compare tools to satisfy everyone's needs. - added VCS-* bits. - improved descriptions. * debian/install: - updated to install all the files introduced by the new upstream release, .links file updated accordingly.

    2011-10-27 - Andrea Veri <> nautilus-compare (0.0.3-1) unstable; urgency=low * First upload to Debian unstable.